Brighton Marathon


Dear all,

Great turn out of ‘deckchairs’ at yesterday’s Brighton Marathon.  I never seemed to be far from another Harriers running in the opposite direction, or overtaking me, plus shouts from the supporters all along the route.  Well done Bob for spotting me as I was not listed as a ‘Harrier’ in the results.

I thought the new organisers did a great job in relocating the finish area away from Madeira Drive as it freed up the city centre, although  It still seemed like forever running into Shoreham Port before the turn around point just before where we used to run round the dock!

Well done to all.  I was 3 minutes inside my target time of 4:30 celebrating 30 years of marathon running.

Beautiful day back here in Wales today .

Come and join us for the Wales Marathon on Sunday 2nd  July!