Brighton Marathon 2015


We couldn’t really have asked for better running conditions – cool almost to the point of being chilly before the start but with clear blue skies and sunshine. As we gathered for the “before photo”, most of us were worrying about the various niggles or injuries which had hit us during the training but the adrenaline and race tactics were starting to kick in…..

Anyway the race was started by Jo Pavey and off we went. The course starts round Preston Park and then heads through the town until it wiggles out to the seafront. Then there is a small incline up to Ovingdean where it turns round and back towards Brighton, then out to Hove where again it wiggles back on itself and then there is the long slow drag out to Shoreham Power Station then the final 3-4 miles back along the seafront to the finish.

Conditions were pretty good although the sun felt warm and the sea breeze never quite felt like it was on your side. I think most of us managed to pick up sufficient speed to overtake the man wearing the florescent mankini – you certainly didn’t want to be looking at that for 26 miles!!

It’s a long old way and is never going to be easy but I am sure that all of the runners will agree that the best part of the run was seeing all of the brilliant fellow Harriers popping up at unexpected points along the way – cheering, waving flags (and other items) and shouting encouragement. Thank you all!!!

If you are ever going to do one marathon I would say do Brighton – the way the route works means that you get to see the supporters and fellow runners many times throughout the race and that makes all the difference!!

Name Cat Time PB
Bruce Sandell M40 03:10:20 Personal Best
Michael King SM 03:13:48 Personal Best
Neil Clark SM 03:19:28 Personal Best
Nicola Morris F40 03:28:41 Personal Best
Mark Martelly-French 03:38:02
George Harris M40 03:38:06
Derek Harrison M55 03:38:33
Richard Withers M40 03:39:34 Personal Best
Andrew Marshall M40 03:42:24
Steve Barnfield M60 03:43:04
Matt Edwards SL 03:43:59
Hayley Larkin SL 03:44:50
Rob Winter SM 03:48:21
Tanya Plunkett 03:55:54
Richard French M55 03:55:59
Lesley Mercer F40 03:56:20
Sonja King SL 03:56:32
Casper Morris M40 03:58:38 Personal Best
Mick Barstow M50 04:01:20
Debbie Stamp F40 04:05:12
Ian Nunns M45 04:06:54
Ana-Maria Green F45 04:08:45
David French M50 04:08:46
Reuben Winter M55 04:10:14 Personal Best
Nicky White F45 04:19:17
Dan Stackhouse M40 04:21:02
Allan Jones SM 04:30:06
Nigel Duffey M55 04:37:45

Well done to everyone – runners and supporters all did brilliantly – oh and Early Bird entries for 2016 open at midday today!!! Tempted anyone???