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Further to my email below, just some more brief info on the hash.

For those who have not hashed before:

The trail (run) will be marked using flour. So you follow the dobs of flour that have been laid until you reach a ‘check’ this is a circle of flour with a blob in the centre. Here you have to search for the trail which leads on from the check. It could be ahead, left or right or back along the trail you have just come along (backcheck). The continuing trail will be where you find three blobs of flour, there could be only two or you may meet a cross either of which indicates you are on a false trail and need to re check again from the check point. It is important that you call ‘On On’ if you find you are on trail as this lets the hashers further back know you are on the right trail. A person near the check should kick it through using the centre blob to indicate the direction of the on on to let the following hashers know which way the trail leads. Other marks you may come across could be an arrow – run direction, SC – short cut. W – walkers trail. All markings will be explained prior to the run starting.

Hopefully it will be dry and a touch warmer tomorrow and you will be able to stay for a drink and sandwich afterwards.

Please don’t forget to scan in at the carpark if you are a NT member.

Any queries email me or call 07504414250.

See you tomorrow.

On on



Morning Harriers,

Apologies I should have sent this email earlier.

For those of you who were not at the club last Wednesday night kindly note there will be NO RUN from the Clubhouse this week.

Instead meet at Ightham Mote car park with kind permission of the NT (Mote Road, Ivy Hatch, TN15 0NT) where a Hash style run will start from the car park at 7:30pm sharp in order we get everyone back on daylight. (I will email an explanation of the Hash and signs in a separate email)

The run will be marked with flour so if you are a touch late follow the flour arrow out of the car park and follow the blobs of flour round a trail I will have set earlier.

The main trail will be in the region of 7 miles but there will be a walkers route of 3 miles approx. and there will be shorter routes available.

Afterwards the plan is (weather permitting) to take refreshments in the car park picnic area.

Please note: Parking is free but if you are National Trust member please can you kindly login in as it supports Ightham Mote visitor numbers

See you Wednesday evening

On on,

Mark Taylor (Flash)