Bournemouth Race Report


It was a weekend of firsts in our family. For the first time we all attended the Bournemouth Marathon Festival. On Saturday, in what can only be described as torrential rain, Josh (8) lined up outside Harry Ramsden for his first ever running event, the 1.5k. He didn’t look particularly excited about running in a rainstorm, but he dismissed me as the race started saying he could do it by himself. 10min 20secs later he finished and was made up with his “proper medal” and race pack.

On Sunday morning, I lined up for my first marathon. The sun was shining and I felt reasonably well prepared for something I had never done before. The gun went off and eventually I crossed the start. We ran out to Hengisbury Head and so began one of the most enjoyable runs I have done.

When I picked Bournemouth, it was described as flat. I’m not sure that the chines are level ground, but I am going to let that go.

The support from the crowd was good, no doubt boosted by the gorgeous weather.

My race strategy was to keep smiling and keep going and 5:33:37 later I had succeeded in employing it. There are things I will do slightly differently next time. However, I’m proud to have finished and to have raised £1000 for Sepsis Trust UK.

N.B My mum lost her fingers and lower legs to Sepsis in 2011, so this was important on a personal level too.

1st. Male Iain Trickett 2:25:45
1st Female Sarah Hill 2:55:42

416 Paul Hollis 3:43:9
1967 Ruth Gray 5:33:37

All the best,

Ruth Gray