Bournemouth Marathon


So this is my first race report, be kind guys 😉.
Bournemouth Marathon 26.2 miles, 4,000 approximately runners, only 2 Harriers  💛💙 that I am aware of. Sorry if I have missed anyone.

Myself and Joy Gough (Joy’s first and she was returning to racing after fracturing her foot at the beginning of the year)

So the conditions were better than the predicted rain but still with a headwind of 38/39mph!  And the hills at mile 12 and mile 17/18, running on the promenade with sand under foot for miles 13-17 and 21-24 against the wind, with sand occasionally blowing in your eye was never going to be conditions for a PB. (Yes I am getting the excuses out early).

Anyhow a respectable time of 3:47 for me and Joy 3:51! Which we are both proud of. 

Well organised race, you get your number sent to you in the post prior to the race. It’s a pretty route, undulating and with great support around the course and especially towards the end! One down side is for spectators there’s no tracking app. So your love ones have to do a guesstimate to make sure they see you! 
Thanks to everyone who sponsored me for Kimbilio and thanks for all the lovely messages of support! 
Gem (still goes off far too fast at the beginning of a race! London 2020 next!)