Book Day Challenge, magic number 75!


A milestone marathon for me on Saturday 7th March – I got to marathon number 75, a marker that I would never have thought possible when I first started marathon running.

It was with SVN – the Book Day Challenge at Kings Wood between Ashford and Canterbury. The terrain was quite challenging, you had to be careful of your foot placement, there were lovely sections that were like skiing through the mud, and there were hills, hill, hills – which as the Race Director put it – it’s ‘undulating’….. for these of us running – actually we would more describe as hilly, let’s say it as it is.

Kings Wood is a lovely place, it was very peaceful, a wonderful place to run, added bonus was this bright thing in the sky that produced warmth, which in comparison to running in gale force winds made for a very pleasant change.

It was a wonderful, chilled, very enjoyable event, with the most wonderful medal and a gigantic bar of chocolate as a reward for my efforts.

Amanda Bruneau 05:05:23.