Bexhill Hastings Link Road 10k


Having been beaten to the first race result of the day by Mike, I thought I’d better do a swift follow up report on the Bexhill/Hastings Link Road 10k.

The day started well with a shopping trip in the race HQ with commemorative T Shirts and hoodies being bought complete with our names on the back as race entrants.

This race was the one and only running of a 10k along the new and controversial Bexhill – Hastings Link Road – and we (wrongly) assumed that the road was going to be complete for the race! Instead we found ourselves running over a mixture of new tarmac and somewhat less completed road surface…leading to Steve Bright complaining that had he know he would not have worn his new trainers..

Anyway the course was an out and back “undulating” route along the new road which was to everyone’s surprise rather more undulating than expected. We had been warned about the hill up to the half way mark but not that the first half was more down than up and that the second half..well you looked ahead and could only see up!!!

Still it was great to have some support along the way from Bob and Mike and special mention to nominated photographer Carol who seemed to be more interested in taking a selfie when I ran past her…..

Ed Steele was first Harrier home having failed to pace SImon Howden to his target time 😉 Simon stood aside at the end so as not to fall foul of the “first Harrier home writes the race report rule” – hang on??!!!???

Simon and I managed PBs in very testing conditions. I was third lady and first F40. I was slightly confused by all of the supporters cheering me on as second lady and the race commentator suggesting that one of the ladies ahead of me may have swapped numbers as (and I quote) “she looked more like a man” – but presumably the situation was verified!

As this was a one off, you wont be able to run it next year… unless the road still isn’t actually complete by then…..


Place Time Name Chip
21 40:16 Edward Steele 40:09
22 40:20 Simon Howden 40:13
81 43:55 Nicola Morris 43:47
158 47:53 Stephen Bright 47:09
357 53:52 Ana-Maria Green 53:07
382 54:43 Joan Woodward 54:00
406 55:20 Amanda Paver 54:37
678 63:50 Karin Giannone 62:18
813 69:54 Charles Castleton 68:40
130 46:34 Derek Harrison* 46:25

* Derek Harrison who also ran (but as a Wadhurst Runner – boo hiss)