Bewl 15


Hi All

We headed over to race HQ in Wadhurst in the mid morning torrential rain, hoping that it would ease up in time for the race.  The main pre-race question was “trail or road shoes” with those in the know recommending trail, despite the fact that just 2 days before apparently the trails were rock hard.  Within 50m of the start, we all realised that trail shoes were the right choice – with those that had not been so wise skidding and slipping like Bambi all over the place.

Weather conditions were actually pretty good for running – you hardly noticed the rain as you were trying to avoid slipping over in the mud around the course.  And towards the second half of the race, the sun started to break through so that by the time we finished, we were able to enjoy the free beer and cakes in the sunshine, and compare the amount of mud in which we were covered!!  This really is a great race – very well organised, fantastic marshalls and great post race goodies.  If only all of those mud loving cross country running harriers knew???!!!

Despite the tough going under foot, all Harriers did very well – with Andy Howey coming in 11th overall out of 679 finishers, first M50  and winning the British M50 Trail Championships, despite having spent the whole pre-race morning telling us that he never raced further than 10 miles!!!

Well worth adding to the diary for next year.

Nicola Morris

Individual results below:

11 1:36:36 1:36:35 Andrew Howey
32 1:45:35 1:45:31 Terry Everest
114 1:56:10 1:55:54 David Hadaway
150 2:00:24 2:00:08 Nicola Morris
168 2:02:03 2:01:26 Matthew Edwards
183 2:03:15 2:02:47 Michael Kennard
190 2:04:19 2:03:57 Philip Buss
282 2:11:27 2:09:58 Paul Newman
376 2:22:23 2:21:44 Ana-Maria Green
430 2:28:16 2:28:04 Mark Crowhurst