Berlin Wall Race report


On Saturday I took part in the Berlin Wall Race. It’s a 100 mile circuit that follows the route of the Berlin Wall. Most of the wall has been destroyed but there are a few remnants preserved for history as well as numerous memorials to the many people killed trying to cross into West Berlin.

Each year the race commemorates a victim. This year it was Jorg Hartmann, the youngest victim. He was 10 when he was shot while trying to get into West Berlin to see his father.

So after shedding a tear at his memorial at mile 11, the rest of the race was relatively easy – flat and fast.

I finished in 17:21:43. 12th place and 1st Brit.

I’d certainly recommend the event, and it’s available as a relay for teams of 2, 4 or even 10, so don’t be put off by the distance.

1st Yoshiko Ishikawa. 13:17:41
2nd Uwe Laenger
3rd Stefan Wilsdorf 14:55:56
1st Monika Biegasiewicz 15:29:48
2nd Annette Muller 16:37:36
3rd Kirsten Althoff 17:49:57

David Barker