Bedgbury Half Marathon report


Hi all,

On Sunday, Nice-Work held a 10k and half marathon at Bedgbury.  It was a relatively low-key event with 430 runners in total, the majority of those running the HM distance which involved 2 laps of the 10k route.  It was a beautiful day for a trail run and the course didn’t disappoint, offering a nice mix of track, trail and very muddy woods.  Route was nicely undulating and the mud made for some interesting miles, especially on the 2nd lap when many parts were a total bog and technique was all about trying not to lose shoes rather than speed!

Both the 10k and HM runners ran together, it seemed to be a fast start and I think a number of people running the half set off quickly, spurred on by the 10k runners and then slowed in the 2nd lap.

HM Results
1st HM man – 1:26:23 (Stephen Turpie)
1st HM lady – 1:36:08 (Helen Lister

Kate Naylor – 1:39:49 (3rd lady, 19th overall)
Mark Taylor – 1:48:32 (1st male vet 60, 55th overall)
Gary O’Reilly – 1:58:25 (4th male vet 55, 95th overall)
Clare Andrews – 2:02:56 (10th F40, 120th overall)

We didn’t see any other Harriers on the day but please accept my apologies if you also took part and I haven’t mentioned you.  Unfortunately, Club names were omitted from the results lists so I couldn’t check (and as a Harrier newbie I’m not yet familiar with many names).

It was a lovely run and I’d really recommend it for those who enjoy off-road middle distance.

Kate Naylor

Addendum by Matthew Newman

Thanks Kate and well done to those who braved the half marathon distance. I opted for the shorter (lazier) 10k and was the only Harrier to do so. Totally agree this was a nice scenic run with a range of terrains and a pretty tough course overall but a nice medal at the end. I would also recommend this event next year and with this year being the first for the event should attract bigger numbers in the future. A total of 160 runners opted for the 10k so I was pleased to finish 9th (my first ever top 10 finish) in 49.47. First man, David Ives (Sevenoakes AC) in 37.49, over six minutes clear of second place. First Lady, Olivia Moran, 48.01.

Cheers, Matt.