Bedgbury 10k and Half


Weather wise I would say it was perfect this morning, cold, dry no wind. But what had gone before had definitely left its mark.

The 10k and the Half set off together and the route was exactly the same when at 6 miles the half goes around again but with a few deviations.

We started through a very muddy, wet field before hitting a tarmac downhill section leading into the forest which if you’ve been before you’ll know – its sometimes from hard track and sometimes mud.

A good course and a good atmosphere and good marshals who informed us that the leading lady in front was in 5th position, so I knew all was going well. After the 10k runners left us the first deviation was at 7 miles an uphill bog fest, hard just to stay on your feet.

The second deviation was at 9 miles and was an out and back so me and 1st lady saw 4th place man going the other way. My 1st thought was he could be an M50 so I put everything into catching him dropping 1st lady I pushed only catching him with about 1/2 a mile to go.

The last uphill tarmac road that led us back the way we came was torture and I dry heaved all the way up, my stomach cramping over and over (nice) but I had to keep M50 guy at bay. 1st lady over took me as did 1st m40, but hold him off I did and finished 6th. Very happy and he wasn’t even an M50..

Myself, Chris and Matt were 1st male team too!

Full results below


1stDavid IvesSevenoaks1st M38.15
11thClair PluckroseCanterbury1st W47.22
57thMaria GandaraTWH3rd F5057.00

217 finishers


1stCole GibbonsInvicta1st M1.25.18
5thAndrea BerquezUnattached1st W1.35.10
6thHaddersTWH1st M501.35.14
21stChris WalmsleyTWH1st M451.42.39
95thLouise HazeltonTWH7th F451.57.14
108thMatt NewmanTWH 1.59.59
185thMark TaylorTWH1st M652.10.10

359 Finishers

Dave Hadaway