Beckenham Relays


Good Afternoon Harriers

The Club has entered 17 teams into the event and I am pleased to say that, in keeping with the traditions of the race, we have been as diverse as any other club in entry levels.

Our teams and running order have, with one or two exceptions, been selected by me and I have tried to keep each team made up of people with more or less the same ability, so it’s all my fault if it goes wrong.

One or two members have recently asked to be included and as I do expect one or two drop-outs through injury etc, I am maintaining a reserve list to fill in any vacancies should they become available.

If you are forced to withdraw would you please advise me as soon as possible so I may amend the teams accordingly. Do not contact the Race Organisers. I am able to effect changes up to 48 hours before Race Day.

Teams and members attached.

B.Rs – Teams and Running Order