Amsterdam Marathon 2014


So our second international marathon and half marathon tour have come to an end and I ‎would like to thank the 28 Harriers who made it so successful.

Also thanks goes to our supporters, those in person and those virtually via ‎Facebook with lots of likes and postings, I hope you have all enjoyed them and of course the photos!

So to the serious bit, the results, PBs and adhoc comments.

So even though the course was flat it was windy and very narrow in places, and the organisation could have been better at the start and at the drinks stations. For me and some others a tough course, but for the rest a good run and lots of achievements!

For the marathon first Harrier home in a sub 3:10 was James Absolon and only a minute behind was Ed Steele in a PB time, followed by myself to make up the first three. For the ladies first home was Nicola Morris in yet another great PB time, definitely her year, followed by Carol, the marathon virgin so a PB and then Maddy Doherty.

For the Half Jillian Holford was first home in a PB 1:40 followed by Cathy Rawling and then the men followed, Eric and John Rawlings.
Individual times listed below:


James Absolon – 3:09:42
Ed Steele – 3:10:53 (PB)
Craig Chapman – 3:14:52
Andy Joad – 3:17:23
Steve Austin – 3:19:45
Simon Holford – 3:24:53 (PB)
Phil Buss – 3:25:21 (PB)
‎Geoff Turner – 3:25:30
‎Nicola Morris – 3:33:52 (PB)
Mike King – 3:37:33
Ross Woods – 3:43:18
Carol Tsang – 3:50:16 (PB)
Colin Ricketts – 3:51:54
David French – 3:54:59
Sam Joad – 3:55:24 (PB)
John Bee – 4:00:31
Maddy Doherty – 4:02:53
Georgina Doherty – 4:05:17
Amanda Paver – 4:06:15
Deb Stamp – 4:11:36
Lucille Joannes – 4:13:12
Reuben Winter – 4:16:30
Ana-Maria Green – 4:30:30

Jillian Holford – 1:40:42 (PB)
Cathy Rawlings – 2:00:55
Eric Schofield – 2:01:10
John Rawlings – 2:19:39 (PB)
John Law ran – no chip

As the saying goes what happens on tour stays on tour (well not everything), so if you have enjoyed what you have seen, heard and accomplished, maybe we can do this all again next year, so watch this space.

I plan to send out a survey shortly and the location with the most votes will be the 2015 international tour.

Thanks everyone