A brief report on the SOTT XC race at Lloyd Park


Evening Harriers

Whilst the Super Vets were winning prizes and the Senior Men were solving the mystery of the missing underpants at Footscray Meadows, a small group of Harriers travelled to Lloyd Park in Croydon for the South the Thames 5 Mile Team Race.
As with previous races at Lloyd Park the course was interesting and varied. This included parkland, woodland, heath and gorse, a few sharp uphills, a slippery downhill corner and a thrilling downhill section before the finish. Whilst there were some muddy sections it was relatively dry compared to previous races at this venue.
Ali Farrall was the first Harrier home, leading Jillian Holford, Emily Manners and Rose Sawyer to make up the women’s scoring team. They were followed by Mike Russell and Carol Tsang. 
Ali almost missed the start due to parking problems but Sonja’s local knowledge via WhatsApp saved the day! The women’s team were 8th out of 10 teams, which considering we rarely have enough women for a team at this event, was a pretty good result!
Please see the attached spreadsheet for the results. These took a long time to materialise and are still provisional. 
Kind regards
Jillian Holford
TWH Women’s XC Captain