3rd Handicap 10k – 13 July (Results)


Dear Harriers,

What an amazing set of results last night!

But before that, many thanks to all the volunteers who helped marshal the course last night. We couldn’t put on a safe and well administered without you.

54 runners completed the course last night, with 38 coming in under handicap – despite my best efforts to make this difficult. 12 runners came in under 40 minutes – I am not sure if this is an all time record, but this is the highest number since I have been organising the event (7 years). I was concerned that we may have got our timings wrong, but no need to doubt John’s capabilities as a sample of our times and racers watch times showed that they tallied.

But what does this mean for the overall championship. To qualify, harriers have to complete in a minimum of 3 races with their best 3 results counting.
19 harriers have so far completed 3 races with the top three being as below – including their average time:

Steve Welstead 68:11

Ana-Maria Green 68:26

Mike King 68:41

Plus we also have a number of harriers who have completed 2 races with a good average time, namely:

Gary O’Reilly 67:22

Anthony Spratt 67:52

Mike Sharp 68:04


As you can see, it is all to play for and the top slots can easily be turned around with a good performance in race 4.

Cheers and see you for race 4 on Wed 03 August.


Your Club Handicapper


Race Times (actual time in brackets)Actual Times
1Paul McKeon(52:35)0:58:351Sam Begg0:34:40
2Sarah Hazelhurst(60:15)1:05:152Lloyd Collier0:36:38
3Alex Blackall(43:41)1:05:413Andy Howey0:37:05
4George Harris(43:12)1:06:124Alex Jeffreys0:37:55
5Abbie Izzard(44:45)1:06:455Mike King0:38:04
6Jillian Holford(45:23)1:06:536Tim Lucas0:38:29
7Tom Woolley(39:20)1:07:207Keith Mitchell0:38:37
8Gary O’Reilly(50:25)1:07:258Craig Chapman0:38:40
9Steve Welstead(54:42)1:07:429Guy Jenner0:38:44
10James Sarre(38:54)1:07:5410James Sarre0:38:54
11Ana-Maria Green(50:56)1:07:5611Tom Woolley0:39:20
12Marc Ollington(44:02)1:08:0212Alex Holmes0:39:58
13Mike Sharp(48:39)1:08:0913Robert Winter0:40:22
14Saul Harris(41:18)1:08:1814Simon Howden0:40:31
15Tim Knapp(42:21)1:08:2115Mike Thomson0:40:32
16Robert Winter(40:22)1:08:2216Richard Carter0:41:09
17Pru Clements(42:27)1:08:2717Saul Harris0:41:18
18Tim Lucas(38:29)1:08:2918Tim Knapp0:42:21
19Matt Newman(45:30)1:08:3019Pru Clements0:42:27
20Simon Howden(40:31)1:08:3120Andrew Joad0:43:00
21Hayley Larkin(46:36)1:08:3621George Harris0:43:12
22Keith Mitchell(38:37)1:08:3722Mick Barstow0:43:33
23Lloyd Collier(36:38)1:08:3823Alex Blackall0:43:41
24Richard Carter(41:09)1:08:3924Geoff Turner0:43:58
25Sam Begg(34:40)1:08:4025Marc Ollington0:44:02
26Wayne Littlechild(48:41)1:08:4126Abbie Izzard0:44:45
27Lee Carpenter(51:42)1:08:4227Cathy Gill0:45:17
28Rosie Harris(59:43)1:08:4328Jillian Holford0:45:23
29Stuart Williams(48:52)1:08:5229Matt Newman0:45:30
30Alex Holmes(39:58)1:08:5830David Nethercott0:46:20
31Mike King(38:04)1:09:0431Hayley Larkin0:46:36
32Andy Howey(37:05)1:09:0532Andy Page0:47:36
33Chris Avis(58:06)1:09:0633Jamie White0:48:24
34Peter Richardson(49:24)1:09:2434Guy Gracey0:48:24
35Mike Thomson(40:32)1:09:3235Mike Sharp0:48:39
36Mick Barstow(43:33)1:09:3336Wayne Littlechild0:48:41
37Andy Page(47:36)1:09:3637Stuart Williams0:48:52
38Alex Jeffreys(37:55)1:09:5538Andrew Marshall0:49:22
39Chris Waight(57:04)1:10:0439Peter Richardson0:49:24
40Craig Chapman(38:40)1:10:1040Duncan Ralph0:50:00
41Cathy Gill(45:17)1:10:1741Derek Harrison0:50:02
42David Nethercott(46:20)1:10:2042Gary O’Reilly0:50:25
43Geoff Turner(43:58)1:10:2843Peter Tullett0:50:30
44Peter Tullett(50:30)1:10:3044Dan Slowly0:50:51
45Derek Harrison(50:02)1:10:3245Ana-Maria Green0:50:56
46=Dan Slowly(50:51)1:10:5146Paul McKeon0:52:35
46=Stuart Dixon(56:51)1:10:5147Lee Carpenter0:51:42
48Andrew Joad(43:00)1:11:0048Steve Welstead0:54:42
49Guy Gracey(48:24)1:11:2449Charlie Morgan0:54:46
50Guy Jenner(38:44)1:12:1450Stuart Dixon0:56:51
51Charlie Morgan(54:46)1:12:4651Chris Waight0:57:04
52Duncan Ralph(50:00)1:13:0052Chris Avis0:58:06
53Andrew Marshall(49:22)1:13:5253Rosie Harris0:59:43
54Jamie White(48:24)1:13:5454Sarah Hazelhurst1:00:15