3 marathons/3 weeks


Race report for August’s marathons:

17Aug19 Cyclopark Summer 10×10 series (incorporating the Cyclopark park run).  

A lovely route round the paths surrounding the Cyclopark, an 8 lap course (7 if you counted park run as your first lap).

Amanda Bruneau 05:17:19 (Park run 26:58) – which in the later stages of the marathon my legs were feeling the effects of my park run pace, and because you have to get from park run to the start/finish of the marathon means a bit of extra distance, so 27 miles completed, but worth it as made a nice change to do something different at the start of the marathon.

24Aug19 Cyclopark Summer 10×10 (incorporating Cyclopark Park Run).

Ground Hog day –  running wise it was a total re-run of the previous Saturday…….

Amanda Bruneau 05:34:54 (Park run 26:05)

Deborah Stamp 05:34:54 (Park run 27:57)

While running wise the same, a huge difference I had my running buddie in tow, so there will be no surprise for all of you who know us that while we ran park run and the start of the marathon separately, we managed to align our running mid-way through and so followed a lot of chatting, eating of ice pops, and wilting in the 30 degree heat – as there is very little shade on that course.  But bonus was an excellent ‘harrier tan’!

31Aug19 Black Hugin

I thought I would give myself a free day on a Saturday for a change and do an evening marathon, my plan was a nice relaxing day so not too much time on feet so save my legs for the evening event, obviously that didn’t happen, as dog still needed walking, house needed cleaning and baking needed to be done for Eridge!   

It was down to Pegwell Bay for a 5pm start, another 8 lap course, but variety is the name of the game, and by lap 5 the sun is going down, lap 6 just about okay, lap 7 seems pitch black, lap 8 now that’s bitch black!  It’s very surreal running around a country park, coastline to one side, seeing running torches of the various runners on the course but you are surrounded by darkness.

Amanda Bruneau 04:26:29

All events put on by Saxons Vikings Normans, very relaxed, no pressure events, brilliant medals, support – thoroughly recommend them to anyone who has not tried one of their events. 

Amanda Bruneau