10k Handicap – Race 2 of 4 – Wed 13 June – RESULTS


As always, we owe our thanks to the harriers who volunteered to help out tonight.

A good turn out from the runners tonight – with 44 finishers – considering how many are still recovering from the club tour.



37 Harriers under 40 minutes.
Plus several runners registered significant improvements and finished well ahead of handicap – so new handicaps coming their way

In the race for the overall trophy, the leading contenders are:

Jon Southworth64:2066:53  65:36
Andy Eames66:33   66:33
David Thompson66:35   66:35
Matt Newman66:45   66:45
Dominic Taylor-Langley65:3668:13  66:55
Peter Lyus67:01   67:01
Jane Ryland68:4266:13  67:28

3 runs need to be completed to be eligible.

Full results below.

Race TimeActual Time
(actual time in brackets)     
1Jane Ryland   (56:43)66:13 1Alex Jeffreys36:57
2Ivo Illes   (46:49)66:49 2Andy Howey37:10
3Jon Southworth   (48:23)66:53 3James Sarre37:53
4Thomas Vnucak   (45:40)67:10 4Tom Woolley38:22
5Hayden Thirkell   (47:20)67:20 5Ollie Welch39:40
6Alice Ralph   (47:49)67:49 6Tom Price39:54
7Casper Morris   (41:51)67:51 7Richard Carter39:55
8Martin Hobbs   (45:01)68:01 8Kieran Fitzpatrick40:25
9Dominic Taylor-Langley   (45:13)68:13 9Alex Blackall41:01
10Polly Walker   (51:14)68:14 10Harriet Woolley41:11
11Mark Taylor   (45:23)68:23 11Joshua Pratt41:21
12Tom Price   (39:54)68:24 12Robert Winter41:45
13Richard Carter   (39:55)68:25 13Sam Grain41:48
14Alex Jeffreys   (36:57)68:27 14Casper Morris41:51
15Joshua Pratt   (41:21)68:51 15Jeremy Brown42:09
16Tom Woolley   (38:22)68:52 16Geoff Turner43:02
17Geoff Turner   (43:02)69:02 17Ben Muir43:29
18Steve Welstead   (50:05)69:05 18Cathy Gill44:13
19Jeremy Brown   (42:09)69:09 19Kate Naylor44:51
20Cathy Gill   (44:13)69:13 20Martin Hobbs45:01
21Rob Brophy   (45:45)69:15 21Paul Charlton-Jones45:02
22Kate Naylor   (44:51)69:21 22Dominic Taylor-Langley45:13
23James Sarre   (37:53)69:23 23Mark Taylor45:23
24Nick Pierce   (50:24)69:24 24Thomas Vnucak45:40
25Kieran Fitzpatrick   (40:25)69:25 25Rob Brophy45:45
26Ben Muir   (43:29)69:29 26Ivo Illes46:49
27Alex Blackall   (41:01)69:31 27Hayden Thirkell47:20
28Phil Long   (59:06)69:36 28Alice Ralph47:49
29Harriet Woolley   (41:11)69:41 29Jon Southworth48:23
30Robert Winter   (41:45)69:45 30Mike Russell48:54
31Sam Grain   (41:48)69:48 31Steve Welstead50:05
32Duncan Ralph   (50:51)69:51 32Colin Ricketts50:06
33Mike Russell   (48:54)69:54 33Alan Collard50:08
34Paul Charlton-Jones   (45:02)70:02 34Richard Quartermaine50:14
35Alan Collard   (50:08)70:08 35Rose Sawyer50:17
36Andy Howey   (37:10)70:10 36Peter Tullett50:22
37Rose Sawyer   (50:17)70:17 37Nick Pierce50:24
38Peter Tullett   (50:22)70:22 38Duncan Ralph50:51
39Colin Ricketts   (50:06)70:36 39Polly Walker51:14
40Gary O’Reilly   (53:41)70:41 40Gary O’Reilly53:41
41Ollie Welch   (39:40)71:10 41Jane Ryland56:43
42Richard Quartermaine   (50:14)74:44 42Phil Long59:06
43Joy Croucher   (64:57)74:57 43Joy Croucher64:57
44Janet Bird   (64:58)74:58 44Janet Bird64:58