Giant’s Causeway Coastal Marathon

On Saturday 22nd September I took part in one of the most scenic marathons I’ve ever entered – the Giant’s Causeway Coastal Marathon. I am very familiar with the Antrim coast and the marathon was also a good excuse to visit my father, who lives an hour’s drive from the Causeway.

The entire race route passes through magnificent coastline scenery with fine views of wide bays, sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and offshore rocks, all of which characterise the Causeway coast. The route passes close to the Giant’s Causeway Stones, which are just amazing. - Continue Reading -

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Race to the Tower

Three weeks after completing the Jurassic Quarter (46 miles along the SW Coastal path) I took part in yesterday’s Race to the Tower – a double marathon along the stunning Cotswold Way. Threshold Trail Series organises three ultras – Race to the Stones (100km) and two double marathons – Race to the Tower and Race to the King. It was whilst listening to the race brief at the latter event last year, where the event director said that the Race to the Tower was the toughest of their three events, that I decided to enter. Having now completed all three events, I am in total agreement!

The course is beautiful, but the hills are significant. It starts in a field near Stroud and finishes 53 miles later at Broadway Tower – the second highest point on the course. Probably not the longest hill, but it certainly felt like it! Once again the weather conditions were rather warm. - Continue Reading -

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CTS Pembrokeshire Coastal Marathon & 36th Rotary Heritage Coastal Run

To avoid clogging up everyone’s inbox I thought I’d condense my last two events into one report.

Last weekend, 28th April, I ran the CTS Pembrokeshire Coastal Marathon. Incredibly the weather was fantastic – indeed a little warm – which showed off the coastline beautifully. The route consisted of undulating terrain and had the most spectacular views. The route started at Little Haven and covered a total of 29.3 miles. As with all CTS events everything was well organised and the route well signed. The small picturesque village of Little Haven was a hive of activity afterwards with everyone sitting outside the pubs and cafes. Apparently Pembrokeshire weather is not always this good! - Continue Reading -

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