Hamburg Marathon Race Report

On Sunday I ran in the Hamburg Marathon. After the heat wave in London last week, it was a huge relief to see a far more promising forecast for the weekend. However, despite feeling quite chilly as I waited to start, it heated up quickly and by halfway the temperature had reached 19C (although it felt a lot warmer in the sunshine out on the road!).

Due to enthusiastic pre-race hydration, the queues for what seemed like very few WCs and the fact that we had to be in the start pens at least 30 mins before the off, I was bursting for a wee by the time I reached kilometre one! Fortunately, there were portaloos at every kilometre around the course but it wasn’t until kilometre 19 that I spotted one that was unoccupied. Having lapped my Garmin, I was in and out in 58 seconds and soon back on target time!

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