Club run results

Well according to the Strava flybys we had 25 people who attempted to claim some Crowns and Trophies for the club last night (probably more but they haven’t uploaded their watches yet).

So much to my surprise there was only 1 Crown, which goes to Craig Chapman for the Clockwork uphill segment, he managed to smash this 5 year old record by 4 seconds! However on the podium we also had Dillon in second on Royal Chase down, only 4 seconds off the lead! - Continue Reading -

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Wednesday Run

[UPDATED November 11th, 2018 at 01:45 pm]

My turn with the bus tonight (seems I have avoided it for 6 years). Anyway to follow on from the theme from the last few weeks of the Royal and Firsts runs I thought we had better award some Crowns and Trophies. These are of course going to come in the shape of achievements over Strava segments, therefore it helps if you are on Strava.

I thought I would also do my bit to promote the TW Running Challenge by re-running one of the segments from last year. For those of you who are not aware of this, it is a monthly challenge in and around Tunbridge Wells of around 4km. In addition to the monthly challenge there is also a GC race over the year and a handicap challenge. I think all who took part last year really enjoyed the new variety of routes, new annual challenge starts in November, so join. - Continue Reading -

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Rye 5km

On Friday night a group of 7 Harriers took part in the last race of the Rye summer series. As I feel we need to reach out to the millennial contingent of our club, I have adapted my report template.

#windy #5km #MenWouldHaveWonPrizeIfSimonWasntChickedByWife #OnlyMikeAndSimonDidntWinAnything - Continue Reading -

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Edinburgh Marathon 2018

After actually training properly for London (the first time I have ever followed a training plan), I went from thinking that was terrible I’m never doing a marathon again for about 24 hours to being really annoyed that I had wasted so much training to come home with my worst time for 4 years.

As pretty much no one recommends doing marathons so close together I knew it was a big risk. However, after discussing options with John Law he thought it was worth a go and Edinburgh seemed to be the best compromise (no options were ideal) he came up with a plan mainly centred around recovery and not losing fitness. Apologies for keeping this one quiet but I thought it would be easier without any added pressure. - Continue Reading -

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Worthing Half Marathon

Worthing half

As I’m from Worthing I was keen to do this race, I had to cancel last year due to work commitments (there were no issues in deferring). The race is in its 3rd year and everything was really well run with ample toilets, large HQ and easy parking. The course is multiple but different laps along the seafront and is easily the flattest course I have raced (if the wind had turned itself off it would be an excellent PB course). - Continue Reading -

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