Route – 31/01/18

RT out club down Warwick
RT Rodmell/Madeira Park follow up to Claremont
Through the Grove
LT Grove Hill to roundabout
RT up mount pleasant
RT Goods station Rd after Victoria Place
LT on Goods Station Rd (turn off Victoria Rd)
Continue onto Jackwood and upto bridge
RT before bridge onto Medway
LT onto Quarry
RT onto St James and follow around
LT down Albion and up Pig’s Hill
RT onto Hilbert, continue to Ferndale
Continue onto Landsdowne, LT at fork
Over roundabout onto Crescent Rd
LT Mount Ephraim and continue to Rusthall loop
Shortcut, avoid the loop
RT down Major Yorks and back home up Warwick

6.9 miles full
5.3 miles with shortcut - Continue Reading -

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Route – 06/12/17

06/12/17 – Stollen

RT out club down Warwick
LT into Pantiles
LT Linden Park Rd
RT Linden Gardens to bollards
LT Broadwater Rise to top
RT Broadwater Down
LT St Marks Rd back to the old clubhouse
LT Frant Rd
RT Forest Rd
LT Farncombe, follow onto RT Claremont Rd
Shortcut, LT Grove Hill, LT High Street, LT Warwick park
RT Grove Hill Rd, follow round left to Prospect Rd
LT Calverly, follow through precinct, onto Mount Ephraim Rd
LT up the path, over London Rd onto Mount Ephraim
LT Major Yorks
LT London
RT Warwick Park and home - Continue Reading -

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Marathon du Medoc 2016

Beautiful conditions, a marathon in miles and a marathon number of château
in which to sample the most recognised and renowned wines in the world, oysters,
steak, cheese and dancing – there is no equal to the one and only Marathon du

For some poor sods the race is a race, a stunning and scenic
one at that, but for anyone with sense they realise it’s one of the most
entertaining runs in the world. Assuming you can commit yourself fully to it. The
race is set around Paulliac, a small and typically French town on the edge of
the grand estuary that splits the Gironde and Bordeaux region. This not your
typical marathon, there are no local hotels and the parking is an indication rather
than anything official. - Continue Reading -

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Brussels Half Marathon

This is a story of long ago, back on Sunday 4th October – I just never got around to writing a report.

With the autumn marathon shelved this year, 5 intrepid harriers instead set out on the duathlon of road biking from Calais to Brussels, running the half marathon and biking back again. While tasting many Belgian beers en route of course. Needless to say, the idea was both thought up and agreed upon while we were all in the Pantiles Tap (purveyor of many fine continental brews).

Gandalf, Thorin, Legolas, Bilbo and Gollum (referring to Simon Howden, Carol Tsang, Steve Austin, Geoff Turner and myself in no particular order) set out via the tunnel at Folkstone in a Honda Civic sporting 5 bikes, 5 people and enough luggage to require us to cooperate with operation stack on the M20 for 30 minutes. - Continue Reading -

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