Nationals XC – Deadline approaching

Harriers, Quick reminder while in post-Christmas limbo, the deadline for the Nationals XC at the infamous Parliament Hill will close in just under 2 weeks. National XC Championships 24th February 2018 Closing date for entries – 11th January 2018 SIGN UP NOW

Current Entrants
Casper Morris
Colin Timmins
Simon Whitaker
Ben Muir
Geoff Turner
Edward Steele

—- Ed

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Downton Half Marathon

Since coming to this small green island, Matt and I have taken the opportunity, where possible to sightsee and if we have managed to squeeze a run in, along the way – even better. So, fresh from a top 10 finish at Marden, Matt was keen to tackle another half marathon. After trawling through the available runs, we decided on Downton in Wiltshire as it was nestled on the edge of the New Forest, and I must admit I love “Downton Abbey”. (Yes, I know it’s not a real place!)

The kids were less than impressed as we loaded the address in to the SatNav. “2 hours!” was the cry from the back seat. - Continue Reading -

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Bedgbury Half Marathon report

[UPDATED November 27th, 2017 at 09:25 am]

Hi all,

On Sunday, Nice-Work held a 10k and half marathon at Bedgbury.  It was a relatively low-key event with 430 runners in total, the majority of those running the HM distance which involved 2 laps of the 10k route.  It was a beautiful day for a trail run and the course didn’t disappoint, offering a nice mix of track, trail and very muddy woods.  Route was nicely undulating and the mud made for some interesting miles, especially on the 2nd lap when many parts were a total bog and technique was all about trying not to lose shoes rather than speed! - Continue Reading -

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