Chapman Becomes First Harrier to Receive Six Star Finisher Medal

Afternoon Harriers, and many thanks for all the support and comments received over the past few days, my FaceBook has never seen so many likes and comments!

Tokyo is a great city with lots to do besides running a Marathon (you can even drive on the main roads in go karts dressed as Super Mario), there’s great culture and lovey people. But, would I say Tokyo marathon is on the great race list, probably not. It has a very busy and congested start area, so if you’re not near the front it can take a while to get into your running rhythm, the route has lots of turns and switch backs, so can be nice to see your fellow runners along the way, but increases your mileage as does all the weaving at the start. Actually, the most comments coming out of today were “The course is long”, I didn’t see a blue line to follow so maybe that’s why? - Continue Reading -

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