Crowborough 10k – race report

[UPDATED December 7th, 2017 at 08:40 am]

After several years of avoiding the issue and badgering by other Harriers I finally decided to attempt the double hill fest that is the Crowborough 10k. This is a two-lap course with a big up and down on each lap and a ford-crossing at the base of the hill, just to get your feet nice and squishy. The first time up the hill is tough enough, made a little easier by the sight of Ed and his camera at the top to give a little boost, but the second time up is a right old pain. But I managed to climb up both times without crying or falling over and posted a 10k PB so it can’t be that hard.

Nice little race, very well marshalled and so close it’s odd that only five Harriers took part. Rob was content with his time, coming back from injury, and Sonja ran her quickest 10k this year. Steve ran in a bright pink top so
he didn’t get the benefit of go-faster deckchair stripes. - Continue Reading -

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