Hastings Half

Hastings half is probably the hilliest and hardest road half I have run, it makes the Tunbridge Wells half seem flat! The support was however really good and the route is really scenic; if anyone got a PB on this then massive Kudos! Whilst official results for Hastings claim that only 4 Harriers took part, there is photographic evidence I was there as well.

  • Mike King – 1:28:49 (chip failure)
  • Chris Walmsley – 1:35:47
  • Gemma Stillard – 1:41:19
  • Rose Sawyer – 1:54:25
  • Bryon Taylor – 3:19:02

In the interests of including a wider range of Harrier opinion in the report quotes from Strava:

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Voting for 2018 Club Awards

It’s time to vote for the recipients of the club awards for the calendar year of 2018, including the 2018/19 cross country season. All voting is via the online poll at the link below, but a listing of the performances is attached should you wish to read through and make your choices before going on line.

Survey Link Club Awards for 2018

There are seven trophies to vote for – including the new ‘Most Improved Runner’ award – and the attached listing and online poll both include suggested notable performances. These have been compiled from over 1300 of your individual performances over 2018, all collated by our Club Statistician Bob Lawrence. Thanks to Bob and to the rest of the committee for their assistance in preparing the list of performances. - Continue Reading -

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Wednesday Run

As you will all be aware we have a guest talk from Kelly Holmes.
The talk will start at 8pm so we have been asked to be seated upstairs by 7:55.

To facilitate this, the club run will be a little different to the usual.
It will be shortened version of the TWH Bottle Run.
No, this not about nicking a bottle of spirits from your local offie, but it is about placing your imaginary bottle as far away from the start of the route as you can AND be back at the start point within the prescribed time limit. At TWH we are, of course, all winners but the biggest winner will be the person who leaves their imaginary bottle the furthermost from the start, usually somewhere between Southborough and Tonbridge and is back at the start before 7:40. - Continue Reading -

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Sussex CTS Marathon

On Saturday Mel, Cassie (our Irish Terrier) and I went down to Birling Gap to run the Sussex Endurance life Coastal Trail Series half marathon and marathon respectively.

The marathon starts off by running west over the Seven Sisters towards the country park before heading inland to loop back to Birling Gap. From there the marathon route joins the half to run up to Beachy Head and Eastbourne and then inland back to the start/finish. - Continue Reading -

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Sevenoaks (Knole Park) 10k

Yesterday 5 Harriers made the local trip to Knole Park in Sevenoaks for the 13th annual Sevenoaks 10k, organised by the Sevenoaks Rotary Club. For anyone who has never ran around or visited this park, I highly recommend it. Beautiful woodland setting on national trust estate and if you like to avoid the road there are not many nicer settings! However a few issues running here including mud, hills and a dodging a few deer! Not as muddy as previous years when I have ran here in March, but definitely trail shoes at minimum. The race was very well organised and marshalled and the medal with a stag on it is a must for any collection! If anyone fancies running here in more favourable conditions, the Sevenoaks7 is a sound choice around pretty much a reverse of the same course, taking place in July.

First finisher was Charl Jordaan (unattached) in 37.59. First lady was Claire Day (Tonbridge AC) in 41.28. I was aiming for sub 50 given the terrain but just missed out by 5 measly seconds (I blame the winter cold that I am still trying to recover from). Harriers results below. Credible mention to Tom who was running very well until pulling up when I passed him late on. - Continue Reading -

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Club Cross Country Championships – This Saturday

So I was able to perform a little XC recce yesterday and can confirm the course is currently in fantastic condition (see attached images).

For anyone who hasn’t tried the run before I strongly recommend it….even if XC isn’t your usual thing. I personally have an ‘interesting’ relationship with XC (mostly love it….just doesn’t always love me), but this race (like Eridge) really deserves it’s own category. That category being called ‘Awesome’.  - Continue Reading -

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London Big Half

11 Harriers made their way to London today for the Vitality Big Half. It’s a fairly new addition to the running calendar, with the inaugural running last year. Run by the same people who organise London Marathon (London Marathon events) it makes for a perfect half in the lead up to a Spring Marathon.

The course is fast and flat, starting just to the North of Tower Bridge. From there it descends in to a rather warm Limehouse Link Tunnel, before emerging on to Canary Wharf. Often this is the part of the London Marathon course where it’s starting to hurt, so it was nice to be running there much earlier in the race with fresher legs. After Canary Wharf we were back off past Wapping and toward Tower Bridge, a stretch certainly made more challenging by a strong headwind.Crossing Tower Bridge, we followed much of the first half of the London Marathon route in reverse, before finishing at the Cutty Sark. As with the Marathon the support was fantastic throughout and there was certainly no shortage of runners to chase. - Continue Reading -

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Dame Kelly Holmes Talk

[UPDATED March 19th, 2019 at 08:58 am]

Following the run, the main format of the evening will be a Q&A session with Dame Kelly, commencing at 8pm.  This will include a short video presentation. We have provided some initial questions for her but after this; it will be open to the floor so please come prepared with anything you wish to ask her. 

After this session, Dame Kelly will be signing copies of her books that you bring along so please don’t forget to bring them along with you.  She has also requested that you write on a post-it note your personal message to accompany her signature. - Continue Reading -

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Dartford Half Marathon

TWH had two representatives in last weekend’s Dartford Half Marathon which took place in damp and blustery conditions, though thankfully not the squalls encountered on the journey over beforehand.

The winner and first M40 was Danny Kendall of Cambridge Harriers in 1hr 13m; whilst first female was Ruby Spencer of Thanet Road Runners in 1hr 33. - Continue Reading -

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