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Members can view the club records and awards, other club events and runs, the training section as well as our ever popular tours.


Email group 

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The Harriers email group is intended to be the main communication medium for the club. It’s a good way of letting other members know what’s going on, and in turn, finding out what everyone else is up to by exchanging news and views about club life, races, results and so on.

Not everything that is posted will be of interest to everyone, but we hope that you will find some of the messages useful. The group is part of the well-established Google Groups network and is open to Harriers members only.

How to join the email group

If you’re a Harrier and not already signed up to the email group, you can do so by clicking on the link below:

TWH Google Email Group


Firstly, its advisable set up a Google user-name/email account so that you can access the full web features of the group. This will enable you to change your group settings easily. You can also post messages and view group messages on the internet without having to log in to your email account.

When becoming a member of the group, you can opt to receive all emails individually, to receive a single ‘daily digest’ of all emails sent during a day, or to receive club announcements only.

Useful information for the email group

If you press ‘reply’ to a message, then your reply goes to the sender of the message
If you press ‘reply to all’ to a message, then your reply goes to the whole email group of 250+ members.

When setting ‘out of office’ to reply automatically to emails when you are away from your PC, please set a rule so that this does not apply to group messages, so avoiding the whole group tracking your days off and holidays.

Please make sure that your antivirus software is kept up to date. A mass-mailing virus might lead to you inadvertently sending an infected email to the whole group.

Remember that attachments to messages cannot be accessed by people who get the daily digest. Instead, you might want to put the gist of an attachment into your mail message, send it to the group owner, or send it to the webmaster to be put on the club website.

If you find you are getting too many messages, you might want to switch to the daily digest. This gives you all the messages for the day in a single email.

You can edit this within your preferences on the Google Groups page.


Email group etiquette

Please do not send messages which might be considered offensive (eg. racist or sexist). We all want to have fun, but not at the expense of others.

Please limit your e-mails to subject matter involving the club – the group is not intended to be used for distribution of humorous e-mails, however benign.

Please do not copy material from other sources in your messages without crediting the original authors.

Please do not advertise your professional services via the club email group. If you have a particular job or skill you can offer your fellow club members, then email the club committee and we will discuss putting it on the resources section of the website.

Please do not post messages about swapping race entries/numbers without first gaining approval to do so from the race organiser. Once you have permission, please say so when you post to the group.


Having problems signing up?

Contact Edward Steele, who moderates the email group, for assistance.


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Whether you’re looking for an early morning mudfest or a sociable evening canter, there’s a Harriers training session to suit.

The following runs are organised each week, but if they don’t fit the bill, there will almost certainly be other members out and about with whom you can link up. If you’re not ready for these distances yet, take a look at the beginners group organised by one of our members.

Main club night – Wednesday at 19.30

6-7 miles, normally with a 5 mile shorter option
Routes vary each week, on the road in the winter and off-road in the summer
Starts and finishes at The Nevill Ground, off Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 5ES
Full use of the Nevill Ground’s changing and showering facilities. Drinks and snacks are available in the bar afterwards
Contact: Andy Howey

Track session – Monday at 19:30

A track interval session at Tonbridge School track, typically taking 1h15min including warm-up, drills, intervals and stretching
Sessions run by UKA LiRF/CiRF coaches
Session costs £2 to cover cost of hiring track
Contact: John, Pru and Claire

Speed session – Tuesday at 19:00

Interval sets, different each week, but typically taking 30 minutes plus warm up and warm down
On road in the winter on Wheatsheaf Way off the Shipbourne Road behind the Sainsbury’s Local 19:00 start ; on grass at Tonbridge School lower fields in the summer
Contact: Bob Lawrence or Mike Jarvis

Circuits and Yoga for runners – Thursday at 19:30

Working on body strength these group sessions are designed to be challenging but fun; a whole body work out with emphasis on the core and the muscles used in running
Sessions alternate each week between Circuits and Yoga
At Rusthall Church Hall (right of the One Stop) or outside on Rusthall cricket pitch when the weather is fine.
Session costs £3
Contact: Claire Hayhurst, a UKA LiRF, personal trainer and nutritionist

Ashdown Forest – Saturday 07:30

About 8 miles of off-road through the Ashdown Forest
Start from the King’s Standing car park on the Ashdown Forest.
Contact : Allan Collard / Guy Gracey

Sunday run

Currently being arranged on an ad-hoc basis, stay tuned to the email group for the next run.

Contact us for more information

Marathon training runs – Spring and Autum

If you’re training for a spring marathon, or just fancy a long run, then join us for 18 miles of road running. There is a short cut that trims 5 miles off this for those not wanting to run the full 18 miles, or you can add an extra 2.4 mile loop at the end, beginning, or both.  See full details here.

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Club records 

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The main club road records are listed in the table below with the track records following after, but for a full list, including some of the more unusual distances, download the Full Record (to provided shortly)

Club Road Records

Go to Track Records


Cat Age Name Date Event and Venue Time
1 Mile
F Senior Gemma Richardson 24/05/15 Westminster Mile, London 00:07:22
F 40-44 Nicola Morris 24/05/15 Westminster Mile, London 00:06:13
F 45-49 Nicola Morris 29/05/16 Westminster Mile, London 00:06:19
F 55-59 Stella Richardson 24/05/15 Westminster Mile, London 00:07:07
M Senior Andy Howey 03/09/89 Westminster Mile, Westminster, London 00:04:45
M 40-44 Bob Lawrence 03/09/89 Westminster Mile, Westminster, London 00:05:14
M 45-49 Bob Lawrence 17/05/92 TW Town Centre Mile, Tunbridge Wells 00:05:16
M 50-54 Andy Howey 24/05/15 Westminster Mile, London 00:04:58
M 60-64 Peter Richardson 24/05/15 Westminster Mile, London 00:06:43
M 70-74 Eric Schofield 26/05/13 Westminster Mile, London 00:07:11
M 75-79 Eric Schofield 24/05/15 Westminster Mile, London 00:07:11
5 km
F Senior Jemima Slade 13/03/93 Southwark Ladies 5K, Southwark 00:22:05
F 35-39 Carol Tsang 05/11/15 Gravesend Floodlight Series 5K 00:23:12
F 40-44 Nicola Morris 31/08/15 The King’s Head Canter, East Hoathly 00:21:35
F 45-49 Nicola Morris 29/08/16 Head Canter, E. Hoathly 00:22:52
F 50-54 Ann Morson 21/05/08 Race for Life, Paddock Wood 00:45:00
M Senior Andy Howey 26/09/91 Corporate Challenge 5k, Battersea 00:15:30
M 40-44 Andrew Watson 14/04/91 British Vets 5k Champs, Dunsfold 00:17:00
M 45-49 Mark Taylor 24/12/99 Serpentine Last Friday 5K, Hyde Park 00:17:01
M 50-54 Andy Howey 29/08/16 Head Canter, E. Hoathly 00:17:55
M 55-59 Mark Taylor 14/08/10 Rye Summer Series 5K 00:19:36
M 60-64 Mark Taylor 05/09/14 Rye Summer Series 5K 00:21:07
M 65-69 John Johnson 30/09/05 Serpentine Last Friday 5K, Hyde Park 00:22:40
M 70-74 Eric Schofield 24/09/10 Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K, Hyde Park 00:22:16
M 75-79 Eric Schofield 29/11/13 Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K, Hyde Park 00:23:38
5 Miles
F Senior Rebecca Goodwin 17/06/95 Aylesbury 5, Aylesbury, Bucks 00:29:01
F 35-39 Alice Heather-Hayes 06/05/13 Hildenborough 5, Hildenborough 00:30:13
F 40-44 Alice Heather-Hayes 04/05/15 Hildenborough 5 00:30:52
F 45-49 Jeanette White 02/06/12 Harvel 5, Harvel 00:33:36
F 50-54 Carole Dyke 21/05/95 Tadworth 5, Tadworth 00:38:08
F 55-59 Stella Richardson 06/11/11 Deal 5M, Deal 00:39:21
F 65-69 Ann Taylor 11/05/09 Hildenborough 5 01:09:12
M Senior Andy Howey 08/05/95 Hildenborough 5, Hildenborough 00:26:45
M 40-44 Bob Lawrence 07/05/90 Hildenborough 5, Hildenborough 00:27:46
M 45-49 Mark Taylor 05/06/99 Harvel 5, Harvel 00:28:05
M 50-54 Des O’Donnell 02/06/12 Harvel 5, Harvel 00:28:57
M 55-59 Mark Taylor 02/11/08 Deal Castle 5M 00:32:00
M 60-64 Michael Jarvis 03/11/02 Deal 5M, Deal 00:32:11
M 65-69 Eric Schofield 02/11/08 Deal 5M, Deal 00:35:05
M 70-74 Eric Schofield 07/11/10 Deal 5M, Deal 00:37:28
10 km
F Senior Ruth Branson (Briggs) 03/07/05 British 10K, London 00:35:37
F 35-39 Alice Heather-Hayes 15/06/14 Staplehurst Carnival 10K, Staplehurst 00:37:59
F 40-44 Tara Taylor 30/03/08 Wimbledon 10K, Wimbledon 00:39:01
F 45-49 Tara Taylor 03/10/10 Dulwich Park 10K, Dulwich 00:43:13
F 50-54 Carole Dyke 22/04/95 Larkfield 10K, Larkfield 00:47:25
F 55-59 Stella Richardson 16/11/14 Brighton 10K, Brighton 00:48:18
F 60-64 Stella Richardson 09/10/16 Givaudan Ashford 10K 00:51:16
M Senior Tony Baldock 19/11/89 Brighton 10K, Brighton 00:31:56
M 40-44 Mark Taylor 05/04/97 Darent Valley 10K, Darent Valley 00:33:56
M 45-49 Alastair Watson 20/07/91 Woodstock 10K, Woodstock 00:35:16
M 50-54 Andy Howey 16/11/14 Brighton 10K, Brighton 00:35:14
M 55-59 John Hepner 21/03/99 Herne Bay 10K, Herne Bay 00:39:51
M 60-64 Pat Heffernan 08/09/97 Perivale 10K, Perivale 00:40:34
M 65-69 Michael Jarvis 03/06/07 Beckenham 10K 00:43:54
M 70-74 Eric Schofield 25/10/09 Wilmington 10K, Wilmington 00:45:53
M 75-79 Eric Schofield 10/05/15 Larkfield 10K 00:52:47
M 80+ Graham Brooks 14/04/13 Darent Valley 10K, Darent Valley 01:22:31
10 Miles
F Senior Julia Verral/McNulty 30/01/94 Canterbury 01:04:58
F 35-39 Alice Heather-Hayes 29/01/12 Canterbury 01:02:24
F 40-44 Tara Taylor 27/01/08 Canterbury 01:06:29
F 45-49 Tara Taylor 29/01/12 Dartford 01:08:41
F 50-54 Tara Taylor 25/01/15 Canterbury 01:10:34
F 55-59 Stella Richardson 09/03/14 Sidcup 01:23:37
F 60-64 Ann Taylor 28/01/01 Canterbury 01:53:39
F 65-69 Janet Sharples 24/10/10 Great South Run 01:50:00
M Senior Tony Baldock 01/01/89 Tonbridge 00:53:36
M 40-44 Mark Taylor 28/03/97 Folkestone 00:56:23
M 45-49 Alastair Watson 18/11/92 Epsom 00:56:46
M 50-54 Des O’Donnell 29/01/12 Canterbury 00:59:51
M 55-59 Steve Austin 06/10/13 Sittingbourne 01:06:19
M 60-64 Michael Jarvis 15/02/04 Sidcup 01:08:40
M 65-69 Michael Jarvis 11/02/07 Sidcup 01:13:33
M 70-74 Eric Schofield 04/10/09 Sittingbourne 01:16:56
M 75-79 Eric Schofield 03/04/15 Folkestone 01:27:20
M 80+ Graham Brooks 07/05/12 Hildenborough 02:09:40
Half Marathon
F Senior Ruth Branson (Briggs) 02/10/05 Bristol Half Marathon 01:17:31
F 35-39 Ruth Branson (Briggs) 17/09/06 Bristol Half Marathon 01:19:13
F 40-44 Alice Heather-Hayes 22/03/15 Hastings Half Marathon 01:23:29
F 45-49 Tara Taylor 03/03/13 Watford Half Marathon 01:32:21
F 50-54 Tara Taylor 22/02/15 Old Deer Park, Richmond Half Marathon 01:33:50
F 55-59 Stella Richardson 22/02/15 Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon 01:49:18
F 60-64 Stella Richardson 02/10/16 Tonbridge Half Marathon 01:56:19
M Senior Tony Baldock 01/09/88 Hadlow Half Marathon 01:10:17
M 40-44 Mark Taylor 30/03/97 Paddock Wood Half Marathon 01:15:30
M 45-49 Alastair Watson 22/09/91 Hadlow Half Marathon 01:13:26
M 50-54 Des O’Donnell 27/03/11 Paddock Wood Half Marathon, Padd. Wood 01:19:23
M 55-59 Des O’Donnell 21/02/16 Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon 01:24:10
M 60-64 Michael Jarvis 24/03/02 Paddock Wood Half Marathon, Padd. Wood 01:31:15
M 65-69 Michael Jarvis 24/02/08 Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon 01:42:01
M 70-74 Eric Schofield 24/07/11 Dartford 01:43:56
M 75-79 Eric Schofield 19/10/14 Mizuno Amsterdam Half Marathon, HOLLAND 02:01:10
M 80+ Graham Brooks 14/10/12 Maidstone Half Marathon 02:44:58
20 Miles
F Senior Sarah Russell 07/03/04 Thanet 20 02:38:23
F 35-39 Sian Roberts 04/03/07 Thanet 20, Thanet 02:37:27
F 40-44 Sian Roberts 04/03/12 Thanet 20, Thanet 02:39:31
F 45-49 Kim Deeney 12/03/17 Lydd 20 02:42:04
F 50-54 Tara Taylor 01/03/15 Thanet 20, Thanet 02:34:31
F 55-59 Carole Dyke 24/03/02 Worthing 20, Worthing 02:51:47
M Senior Dan Watt 03/03/13 Thanet 20, Thanet 01:57:46
M 40-44 James Absolon 03/03/13 Thanet 20, Thanet 02:08:18
M 45-49 Mark Taylor 05/03/00 Thanet 20, Thanet 02:02:58
M 50-54 Alistair Watson 07/02/99 Thanet 20 02:06:00
M 55-59 Jacques Courivaud 23/03/91 Worthing 20, Worthing 02:28:46
M 60-64 Steve Barnfield 23/02/14 Tarpley 20, Bury St Edmonds 02:30:58
M 65-69 John Johnson 02/03/08 Thanet 20, Thanet 02:58:46
M 70-74 Graham Brooks 04/03/01 Thanet 20, Thanet 03:24:12
M 75-79 Graham Brooks 01/03/09 Thanet 20, Thanet 04:24:15
F Senior Ruth Briggs 03/04/05 Zurich Marathon, SWITZERLAND 02:59:03
F 35-39 Ruth Briggs 12/04/08 London Marathon, London 02:50:20
F 40-44 Alice Heather-Hayes 26/04/15 London Marathon 03:03:37
F 45-49 Tara Taylor 31/05/10 Chester Marathon, Chester 03:19:56
F 50-54 Tara Taylor 26/10/15 Dublin Marathon 03:21:02
F 55-59 Carole Dyke 13/04/02 London Marathon, London 03:48:23
F 60-64 Carole Dyke 18/04/04 London Marathon, London 03:49:31
M Senior Tony Lavender 20/04/91 London Marathon, London 02:31:17
M 40-44 Guy Jenner 26/04/15 London Marathon, London 02:36:56
M 45-49 Alastair Watson 05/10/91 Flying Fox, BVAF Champs, Stone, Staffs 02:32:34
M 50-54 Alastair Watson 13/04/97 London Marathon, London 02:42:09
M 55-59 Alastair Watson 21/04/01 London Marathon, London 02:50:11
M 60-64 Steve Barnfield 06/10/13 Chester Marathon, Chester 03:21:27
M 65-69 Jacques Courivaud 21/04/01 London Marathon, London 03:49:04
M 70-74 Eric Schofield 25/09/11 Berlin Marathon, Berlin, Germany 03:54:39
M 75-79 Graham Brooks 03/05/09 Edinburgh Marathon 05:42:00
M 80+ Graham Brooks 21/04/13 Haspa Marathon, Hamburg, Germany 06:05:31

Track records

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Cat Age Name Date Event and Venue Time
100 mtrs
F Senior Sarah Chapman 11/07/99 TWH Track Championships, Tonbridge 15.2
F 35-39 Carol Tsang 12/08/15 Dartford Open Meeting 16.1
F 40-44 Frances Eustace 08/06/98 Kent Vets League, Sutcliffe Park 17.6
F 45-49 Nina Foord 27/06/94 Kent Vets League, Norman Park, Bromley 17.1
F 50-54 Carole Dyke 27/06/94 Kent Vets League, Norman Park, Bromley 18.6
F 55-59 Stella Richardson 05/07/16 Tonbridge Open Meeting 17.95
M Senior Neil Clark 03/07/12 Avril Bowring Open Meeting, Tonbridge 13.53
M 40-44 Bob Lawrence 09/08/87 Southern Vets League, Enfield 13.0
M 45-49 Bob Lawrence 08/09/91 Southern Vets League, Croydon 13.7
M 50-54 Andrew Joad 29/08/16 Tonbridge Open 14.31
M 55-59 Jim Simmons 04/10/92 Southern Vets League, Reading 14.2
M 60-64 Jim Simmons Not supplied Kent Vets League, Deangate 14.4
F Senior Julie Elvy 05/09/99 TWH Track Championships, Tonbridge 32.4
F 35-39 Sarah Chapman 24/07/00 Kent Veterans League 31.9
F 40-44 Frances Eustace 12/07/96 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 35.8
F 45-49 Nina Foord 25/07/94 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 36.9
F 50-54 Diana Rimmer 12/07/96 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 38.9
F 55-59 Stella Richardson 07/06/16 Tonbridge Open Meeting 39.5
M Senior Adrian Paisey 02/08/16 Tonbridge Open 27.51
M 40-44 Lloyd Collier 29/08/16 Tonbridge Open 26.42
M 45-49 Barrie Harris 25/07/94 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 28.0
M 50-54 Phil Howey 15/06/92 Kent Veterans League, Sutcliffe Park 29.3
M 55-59 Stephen Austin 29/08/16 Tonbridge Open 29.7
M 60-64 Jim Simmons 05/07/93 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 30.0
400 mtrs
F Senior Sarah Chapman 05/09/99 TWH Track Championships, Tonbridge 1.12.40
F 35-39 Carol Tsang 04/08/15 Tonbridge AC Open 1.14.05
F 40-44 Frances Eustace 16/06/97 Kent Veterans League, Norman Park 1.18.0
F 45-49 Lyn Fuller 24/06/96 Kent Veterans League, Norman Park 1.45.4
F 50-54 Nina Foord 29/06/98 Kent Veterans League, Norman Park 1.30.3
F 55-59 Stella Richardson 07/07/15 Tonbridge Open Meeting 1.24.51
M Senior Andy Howey 05/09/93 Tonbridge Championships, Tonbridge 56.4
M 40-44 Lloyd Collier 25/08/14 Tonbridge Championships Meeting 56.14
M 45-49 Bob Lawrence 27/06/94 Kent Veterans League, Norman Park 1.01.2
M 50-54 Andy Howey 07/06/16 Tonbridge Open Meeting 1.01.04
M 55-59 Phil Howey 04/10/92 Southern Vets League, Reading 1.02.8
M 60-64 Peter Richardson 07/07/15 Tonbridge Open Meeting 1.27.44
800 mtrs
F Senior Jemima Slade 11/09/94 Tonbridge AC Championships, Tonbridge 2.24.7
F 35-39 Sarah Chapman 24/07/00 Kent Veterans League 2.48.80
F 40-44 Frances Eustace 23/05/97 Kent Veterans League, Deangate 2.58.9
F 45-49 Nina Foord 16/06/97 Kent Veterans League, Norman Park 3.35.3
F 50-54 Carole Dyke 24/06/96 Kent Veterans League, Norman Park 3.30.7
F 55-59 Stella Richardson 31/08/15 Open Meeting, Tonbridge 3.13.11
M Senior Chris Elvy 01/05/93 Southern League, Luton 2.15.0
M 40-44 Lloyd Collier 27/05/15 BMC Regional Races (Eltham) 2.04.94
M 45-49 Bob Lawrence 25/07/94 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 2.19.2
M 50-54 Andy Howey 13/09/14 Kent Masters Championships, Bromley 2.09.58
M 55-59 Phil Howey 04/10/92 Southern Vets League, Reading 2.24.2
M 60-64 Pat Heffernan 23/05/97 Kent Veterans League, Deangate 2.53.0
1500 mtrs
F 35-39 Alice Heather-Hayes 13/08/13 Tonbridge, Avril Bowring Open Meeting 5.03.28
F 40-44 Frances Eustace 02/06/97 Kent Veterans League, Sutcliffe Park 5.55.7
F 45-49 Liz Laury 17/07/98 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 6.47.7
F 50-54 Diana Rimmer 12/07/96 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 6.29.4
M Senior Chris Elvy 24/05/89 Open Meeting, Crawley 4.26.20
M 40-44 Lloyd Collier 04/08/15 Tonbridge AC Open 4.28.17
M 45-49 Bob Lawrence 14/08/93 Southern League, Basildon 4.39.90
M 50-54 Andy Howey 14/09/14 Kent Masters Championships, Bromley 4.25.33
M 55-59 Phil Howey 25/04/94 Kent Veterans League, Sutcliffe Park 5.57.00
M 60-64 Michael Jarvis 08/09/02 Tonbridge AC Championships, Tonbridge 5.23.40
1 Mile
F 35-39 Kay Bugeya 01/07/14 Open Meeting, Tonbridge 6.17.50
F 40-44 Frances Eustace 09/07/96 Summer Open Meeting, Tonbridge 6.38.00
F 55-59 Stella Richardson 06/05/14 Open Meeting, Tonbridge 7.13.16
M Senior Chris Elvy 28/03/87 Open Meeting, Crawley 4.51.00
M 40-44 Lloyd Collier 03/05/16 Open Meeting, Tonbridge 4.48.16
M 45-49 Simon Howden 12/08/15 Dartford Open Meeting 5.23.6
M 50-54 Andy Howey 06/05/14 Open Meeting, Tonbridge 5.05.96
M 55-59 Steve Austin 12/08/15 Dartford Open Meeting 6.17.2
M 60-64 Peter Richardson 06/05/14 Open Meeting, Tonbridge 6.51.49
M 70-74 John Hepner 06/05/14 Open Meeting, Tonbridge 7.29.52
3000 mtrs
F Senior Cath Hulme 13/06/95 Summer Open Meeting, Tonbridge 11:23.7
F 35-39 Alice Heather-Hayes 02/07/13 Tonbridge, Avril Bowring Open Meeting 10:37.36
F 40-44 Frances Eustace 11/06/97 Kent Veterans League, Norman Park 12:52.0
F 45-49 Nina Foord 20/05/96 Kent Veterans League, Sutcliffe Park 15:22.9
F 50-54 Carole Dyke 20/05/96 Kent Veterans League, Sutcliffe Park 14:21.9
M Senior Tony Baldock 01/01/90 Southern League, Brighton 08:42.0
M 40-44 Lloyd Collier 05/07/16 Tonbridge Open Meeting 09:35.19
M 45-49 Alastair Watson 26/06/91 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 09:41.4
M 50-54 Ian Wylie (Snr) 25/07/94 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 10:57.6
M 55-59 Ian Dyke 29/04/96 Kent Veterans League, Sutcliffe Park 11:48.8
5000 mtrs
F 35-39 Frances Eustace 25/07/94 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 23:18.4
M Senior Tony Baldock 01/05/90 Kent Championships, Crystal Palace 15:01.0
M 40-44 Tony Lavender 01/06/94 Kent Veterans League, Sutcliffe Park 16:39.0
M 45-49 Alastair Watson 10/06/91 Kent Veterans League, Dartford 16:46.5
M 50-54 Ian Wylie (Snr) 27/06/94 Kent Veterans League, Norman Park 19:06.3
10,000 mtrs
M Senior Tony Baldock 01/04/90 Southern League, Crystal Palace 31:02.0
M M40 Lloyd Collier 07/09/16 Millenium Arena, Battersea 38:56.1


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Club awards 

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Each year, the club recognises the achievements of a number of members by awarding a range of trophies and medals. These are announced and presented at the annual club dinner.

The Cornell Medal — for services to the club

The Cornell Medal is the Club’s most prestigious award, and is given for outstanding services to the Club. The medal – designed by Club member and sculptor David Cornell – depicts a group of runners passing Wellington Rocks, and was first awarded in 1986. The annual recipient is decided by a small group of past winners

2013 Andy Howey
2012 Mark Taylor and Rosie Harris
2011 Allan Collard
2010 Pete Burns, Derek Harrison and Mel Taylor
2009 Allan Cheek
2008 Lucille Joannes
2007 Sarah Russell and Peter Tullett
2006 Ed Bates and Geoff Turner
2005 Mike Jarvis and Lindsay Turner
2004 Dave Hadaway and Jonathan Rickards
2003 Paul Roome
2002 Peter Taylor
2001 Andy Howey
2000 Allan Cheek

The Cath Hulme Trophy — for athletic excellence

This trophy – a pewter cup – was created in memory of Club member Cath Hulme who was tragically killed in a car accident in Swaziland. The cup is awarded annually for athletics excellence, with Club members voting for the recipient prior to the Annual Prize Presentation. The trophy was first awarded in 1995.

Year Male Female
2015 Guy Jenner Carol Tsang
2014 David Barker Stella Richardson
2012 Craig Chapman Alice Heather-Hayes
2011 Des O’Donnell Alice Heather-Hayes
2010 Nick Leech Tara Taylor
2009 Nick Leech Jo Clift
2008 Terry Everest Tara Taylor
2007 Andy Howey Tara Taylor
2006 Andy Howey Tara Taylor
2005 Lindsay Turner
2004 Carole Dyke
2003 Tracy Driver
2002 Mike Jarvis
2001 Alistair Watson
2000 Ruth Branson
1999 Ann Taylor
1998 Ruth Branson
1997 Alistair Watson
1996 Mark Taylor
1995 Rebecca Goodwin

The Bob Whyte Trophy — for athletic achievement

Bob Whyte was the founding Chairman of Tunbridge Wells Runners, and the trophy to recognise his early contributions to the Club – a silver cup – is awarded annually for athletic achievement. As with the Cath Hulme trophy, the recipient is decided by votes cast by the Club members.

2015 Nicola Morris
2014 Nicola Morris
2012 Nicola Morris & Jane Roome
2011 Stella Richardson
2010 Amanda Paver
2009 Mike Russell
2008 Jacky Morton
2007 George Harris
2006 Steve Barker
2005 Derek Harrison
2004 Dave Hadaway
2003 Duncan Collins
2002 Lindsay Turner
2001 Juliette Parkin
2000 Adam Styles
1999 Lyn Fuller
1998 Lindsay Turner
1997 Lindsay Turner
1996 John Fuller
1995 Carole Dyke
1994 Julia McNulty
1993 Jim Simmons
1992 Sue Radford

The Mike Thurgood Salver — for club runner of the year

Australian Mike Thurgood donated this silver salver to the Club as a parting gift on his return ‘Down Under’ to recognise the Club Runner of the Year. The recipient is decided by a system of points awarded for all races throughout the year. The trophy was first awarded in 1997.

2014 Mark Taylor
2011 Mike Russell
2010 Derek Harrison
2009 Mike Russell
2008 Terry Everest
2007 Derek Harrison
2006 Derek Harrison
2005 John Johnson
2004 Dave Hadaway
2003 Lindsay Turner
2002 Dave Hadaway
2001 Lindsay Turner
2000 Mark Taylor

The Jim Simmons Veterans Trophy

This trophy — a large silver cup — was donated to the club by Kent over 60 long jump champion Jim Simmons to recognise achievement within the veteran athletes in the club. The recipient is decided by votes cast by Club members.

2015 Andy Howey
2014 Andy Howey
2012 Des O’Donnel
2011 Des O’Donnell
2010 Eric Schofield
2009 Jo Clift
2008 Graham Brooks
2007 Tara Taylor
2006 Tara Taylor
2005 John Johnson
2004 Carole Dyke
2003 Daryl Palfrey
2002 Carole Dyke
2001 John Fuller
2000 Bryon Taylor

The David Abbott Cross Country Trophy — for cross country achievement

This trophy is a piece of engraved Swedish glass set on a wooden base, and was donated to the Club by veteran runner David Abbott. Awarded annually for cross country achievement, the recipient is decided by votes cast by Club members. It was first awarded in 1995.

Year Male Female
2015 Sam Begg Pru Clements
2014 Andy Howey Alice Heather-Hayes
2012 Chris Wolton Alice Heather-Hayes
2011 Chris Smith Alice Heather-Hayes
2010 Des O’Donnell Tara Taylor
2009 Andy Howey Jo Clift
2008 Peter Burns Sarah-Jane Gaffney
2007 Andy Howey Ruth Briggs
2006 Andy Howey Lucille Joannes
2005 Andy Howey Sian Roberts
2004 Mark Taylor Tara Taylor
2003 Mike Russell Sian Roberts
2002 Adam Styles Lindsay Turner
2001 Adam Styles Ruth Brannan
2000 Daryl Palfrey Sian Roberts

The Speldhurst Summer Handicap Trophy

This trophy was donated by Paul Eames, Peter Gander, Eddie Lyons and past-Chairman Jacques Courivaud – a group of Club members living in Speldhurst. It is awarded annually to the fastest runner on handicap over three of the four races making up the Club summer handicap 10km series. The trophy was first awarded in 1997.

2016 Ann Marie Green
2015 Sam Ricketts
2014 Nicola Morris
2013 Will O’Shea
2012 Jamie White
2011 Rosa Britton
2010 Zara Bloomfield
2009 Oliver Chappatte
2008 Jane Johnstone
2007 Peter Burns
2006 Nick Marceta
2005 Jonathan Rickards
2004 Peter Nuttall
2003 Gavin Stapleton
2002 Peter Tullett
2001 Jeannette White
2000 Sue Radford


The Nina Foord Triathlon Trophy

This trophy recognises athletic achievement in the discipline of triathlon, and was first awarded in 2006.

2010 – Tim Lucas
2009 – Sarah Russell
2008 – Sarah Russell
2007 – Sarah Russell
2006 – Sarah Russell

The Club Cross Country Championship Shields

The club cross-country championship race is held annually in Feburary, with the winner of each category receiving a wooden shield. See the club cross-country championship page for a list of winners in each category.

The Club Road Championship Shields

The club road championship race is held annually in October, with the winner of each category receiving a wooden shield. See the club road championship page for a list of winners in each category.

The Club Road Grand Prix Trophy

The club road grand prix is designed to encourage Harriers to race more often, and on equal terms with all other members as the results are adjusted for age and gender. Each race of the Kent Grand Prix counts towards our club road grand prix with a percentage result based on finishing time, age and gender. This percentage is calculated according to the WAVA scale. The winner is the runner with the best score at the end of the season, that is the average of their best five percentages over the series, and they receive a pewter trophy that was first awarded in 2008. See the club road grand prix page for a list of winners.

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Club tour 

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Each year the club undertakes a tour of the most outstanding scenery our country has to offer. A different National Park is selected with a well chosen base, and a long weekend made of it.

Most Harriers start out on the Friday with a leisurely journey to the accommodation, perhaps with a meeting at a select pub on route. A short late afternoon run takes place to gain the necessary bearings, with a long run on the Saturday, and a farewell Sunday morning trip out before the journey home.

Extensionists add a day or two on either side of the main trip, as usually there’s much to see. Each run is carefully researched by a team of willing helpers in the weeks and months prior to the tour, so various lengths and walking options are available. The refreshment venues are thoroughly researched to ensure they are up to standard, as the pub meals in the evenings play a vital role in immersing the club in the local hospitality.

2017 ??????

2016 Dartmoor

2015 Brecon Beacons

2014 Yorkshire Dales

2013 Dorset

2012 Derbyshire Peak District

2011 North York Moors

2010 New Forest

2009 Northumberland

2008 Dartmoor

2007 Norfolk Broads

2006 Snowdonia

2005 Exmoor

2004 Brecon Beacons

2003 Cornwall Coast Path

2002 Lake District

2001 Foot and mouth

2000 Beer/East Devon

1999 Derbyshire Peak District

1998 Pembrokeshire Coast Path

1997 Yorkshire Dales



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Marathon tours 

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2016 – Marathon du Medoc

Dubbed the greatest marathon in the world and the one with the most medical staff per runner, this is the most French race you will ever visit in your life and one that all should experience at least once. 24 wine stops over 26.2 miles through some of the most expensive land and estates in the world, 4500 people in fancy dress, live music and stonkingly hot weather. What more could you want? Enjoying every stop and finishing in exactly the 6.5 hour time limit is a must!

2015 – Brussels

After a successful trip to Amsterdam and after a much debated and closely run vote, the Brussels Marathon (and half marathon) has been selected for the 2015 Marathon Tour.

What this smaller city marathon lacks in crowd support and PB potential (it’s a hilly course) is made up for by the convenient location, strong beer and plentiful chocolate.

2014 – Amsterdam

Our second international marathon and half marathon tour have come to an end and I ‎would like to thank the 28 Harriers who made it so successful.  Also thanks goes to our supporters, those in person and those virtually via ‎Facebook with lots of likes and postings, I hope you have all enjoyed them and of course the photos!

Even though the course was flat, it was windy and very narrow in places, and the organisation could have been better at the start and at the drinks stations. For  some this was a tough course, but the rest had a good run and there were lots of achievements!

For the marathon first Harrier home in a sub 3:10 was James Absolon and only a minute behind was Ed Steele in a PB time, followed by Craig Chapman to make up the first three. For the ladies first home was Nicola Morris in yet another great PB time, definitely her year, followed by Carol Tsang, the marathon virgin so a PB and then Maddy Doherty.

For the half marathon, Jillian Holford was first home in a PB 1:40 followed by Cathy Rawling and then the men, Eric and John Rawlings.

As the saying goes what happens on tour stays on tour (well not everything), so if you have enjoyed what you have seen, heard and accomplished, maybe we can do this all again next year.

2013 – Berlin

Harriers run in “record breaking” marathon!

15 Harriers went on the first international marathon tour and took on the renowned flat and record breaking marathon course at Berlin.  The race was won by Wilson Kipsang (Kenya) in a new world record time of 2:03:23.

The Harriers, some running their first marathon did the club proud producing their own impressive times including Guy Jenner’s imppressive 14th Brit home!


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Club code of conduct 

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The following code is intended to act as guidance to Club members as to their expected behaviour when training by themselves, competing for the club or taking part in Club activities.

a              PERSONAL CONDUCT

Club members are expected to behave in a manner which is considerate to fellow Club Members and the public at large and supports the positive promotion of the Club, including:

  • Accepting responsibility for their own behaviour and performance in training and in competition.
  • Treating others with equal dignity and respect, irrespective of their ability, gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or political persuasion.  (In person, in writing or via social media.)
  • Acting in a dignified manner and not bringing the sport or the club into disrepute.
  • Avoiding  swearing and abusive language and irresponsible behaviour including behaviour that is dangerous to themselves or others, acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical or sexual abuse.
  • Challenging inappropriate behaviour and language by others.
  • Reporting any suspected misconduct of club officials, coaches or other club members to the Club committee as soon as possible.
  • Undertaking to encourage and aid fellow Members, whether of lesser ability or in need of assistance.
  • Showing appreciation to those throughout the club who help them participate in athletics, including volunteers and coaches.
  • Contributing to the running of the club by volunteering to set routes, carry first aid equipment, where qualified, participating in schemes to look after runners, marshalling at club events, helping at social events and any other activities where requested by the Club General Committee.

b             ROAD CONDUCT

Club members are expected to act in a safe and responsible way with consideration for other road users, particularly with regard to safety and the wearing of visible clothing where appropriate.

When running on road, runners should:

  • Use the pavement or footpath where there is one.
  • Run in single file on the right hand side of the road where there is no pavement or footpath.
  • On sharp right-hand bends it is recommended to cross over well before the bend (when safe to do so), and return to face oncoming traffic after the bend.
  • Always be aware of other road users and any traffic build-up that you or your group may be causing.  It may be safer to stop and allow vehicles to pass.
  • The use of headphones is discouraged in on-road training runs and strongly discouraged in on-road competitive events.
  • During Club activities, all members are expected to wear high visibility clothing with light-reflecting strips when out running on the roads during the hours of darkness. (The Club will provide high vis/reflective tops on loan for those members who forget).


Club members are expected to recognise and adhere to boundaries dictated by both Public Rights of Way and private property. Permission must be sought for access to private land for all club activities or events.

Any route marking for club training runs and activities should be either removed immediately after the event or be biodegradable within a few days

Club members should adhere to the relevant parts of the Countryside Code:

  • Fasten all gates.
  • Keep dogs under close control, especially where there are deer or farm animals.
  • Keep to public paths across farmland.
  • Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls.
  • Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone.
  • Take litter home.
  • Help to keep all water clean.
  • Protect wildlife, plants and trees.
  • Take special care on country roads.
  • Make no unnecessary noise, particularly when participating in ‘hash’runs.
  • It is advisable to walk rather than run through fields of livestock, keeping a watchful eye on them.

d             COMPETING

Club members are expected to adhere to the rules of England Athletics and other governing bodies, in particular

  • When participating in organised events, either as an individual or as a Team Member, wear Club colours, unless running for a charity.
  • Comply with the relevant rules regarding the use of inhalers.
  • Respect specific rules laid down by the event organisers.
  • Do not swap race entry numbers, except with the express agreement of the organisers.
  • Obey temporary signage and instructions of marshals.

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Club constitution 

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1. Title

a. The Club shall be known as Tunbridge Wells Harriers (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Club”). The Club Colours shall be a “vest, or other garment as approved by the Committee, bearing royal blue and yellow vertical stripes with a plain dark-coloured lower garment”.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the Club shall be:

a. To encourage the practice, promotion, development and participation of amateur athletics in Tunbridge Wells and the wider community.

b. To provide training and coaching for members.

c. To organise open, club, and club handicap running races.

d. To organise teams to represent the Club in championships and leagues and in such other competitions as the Committee shall decide.

e. The Club shall cater for the following athletics disciplines: Road Running, Track Athletics, Cross-Country Running and other sporting events which include a running discipline.

f. The Club shall seek to be affiliated to national and regional amateur athletic bodies as the Committee consider appropriate in order to carry out the objectives of the Club.

3. Membership

a. Membership of the Club shall be open to persons, aged 18 and above, who are amateurs as defined by UK athletics governing bodies at that time, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to available facilities is allowable on a non-discriminatory basis.

b. Each membership application should normally be made by on-line electronic submission using the web site application form. Each candidate for membership must be considered by the Committee, which shall admit that person to membership unless to do so would be contrary to the best interests of the sport or the good conduct and interests of the Club. The appropriate subscription must accompany the application for membership.
The club welcomes first and second claim members.

c. Honorary life membership of the Club may be conferred upon any member, by a majority vote of those present at an AGM, in recognition of someone who has performed an outstanding service, or who has made an outstanding contribution to the Club.

d. The Committee shall have the power to suspend or exclude any member for contravention of this Constitution, documented rules or published codes of conduct that may exist at that time. In exercising these powers the Committee shall adhere to the Club’s disciplinary procedures, which will include an Appeals procedure.

4. Subscriptions

a. Annual subscriptions shall become due for payment on 1st January each year, with the amounts being approved by the AGM.

b. The Club will keep subscriptions at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to people participating.

c. Any member failing to make payment by 31st March shall cease to be entitled to the rights and privileges of membership, provided that notice has been sent at least twice to the member’s last known email or postal address informing him/her of the proposed action.

5. Management

a. The management of the Club shall be vested in an elected Committee that shall consist of the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, together with a maximum of ten other members, who shall be Officers of the Club. Additionally there will be an Honorary President of the Club who shall perform duties representing the Club and may provide guidance on strategy and probity as required. The President shall be a member of the Committee and will be invited to Committee meetings. All the foregoing shall be elected at the AGM and remain in office until the conclusion of the AGM of the following year.

b. Five elected Committee members are required for a quorum for a Committee meeting to take place providing the Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary is also present.

c. The Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies if they arise and to co-opt members for particular projects; co-opted members shall not have a Committee vote.

d. The Committee shall also have the power to establish any sub Committee deemed appropriate to assist in meeting the objectives of the Club, such as, but not limited to, the promotion of open events, and to delegate to these sub Committees such duties as may be considered appropriate.

e. The Committee shall have the power to appoint individuals to perform specific duties on behalf of the Committee, and to delegate to those individuals such duties as they consider appropriate.

f. The Committee shall have the power to deal with any matter not covered by the rules.

6. Annual General Meeting

a. The AGM shall be held in the months of March or April as dictated by the practical circumstances applicable at that time.

b. At least 21 days notice shall be given to members of the date, venue and agenda items for the AGM. Any proposed change to the constitution must be received by the Secretary at least 14 days preceding the meeting in order that all members shall have sufficient notice of the proposal.

c. At the AGM the meeting will:

i Receive annual reports of the principal activities of the Club.
ii Receive the financial statements and the Treasurer’s report.
iii Elect the Club officers and other Committee members for the ensuing year.
iv Consider any amendment to the constitution of which due notice has been given to all members.
v Approve the annual subscription for the following year
v Transact any other notified business.

d. The quorum for a General Meeting shall be 25% of the fully paid up members, including Associate and Honorary Life Members, at that time.

e. All registered members of the Club at the meeting shall have one vote. In the case of an equality of votes the Chairman will have a second, casting, vote. Voting shall be by a show of hands except where the Chairman decides voting shall be by ballot.

7. Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

a. An EGM may be called by the Committee to discuss changes to the Constitution and Rules or any other Club business too urgent to wait for the AGM.

b. An EGM must be called if not less than 10 voting members so petition the Secretary in writing.

c. Three weeks’ notice of an EGM must be given to all the members by email or in writing together with the motion/s to be discussed. No other business shall be conducted.

d. Procedures for voting shall be as used for the AGM.

8. Finance

a. The financial year of the Club shall end on 31st December.

b. All funds belonging to the Club shall be deposited with a bank or building society in accounts that shall carry the Club title. All accounts shall operate on two signatories, one of whom will be the Treasurer and the other the Chairman, Secretary or President.

c. Expenditure above or outside agreed budgeted amounts may only be authorised at a Committee meeting.

9. Property and Funds

a. The property and funds of the Club cannot be used for the direct or indirect private benefit of members other than as reasonably allowed by the Rules and all surplus income or profits are reinvested in the Club. Surplus from open events may be distributed to charity(ies) as agreed by the Committee

b. The Club may provide sporting and related social facilities, sporting equipment, coaching, courses, insurance cover, medical treatment, travel expenses and other ordinary benefits of Community Amateur Sports Clubs as first provided for in the Finance Act 2002.

c. The Club may also in connection with the sports purposes of the Club:

i Sell and supply food, drink and related sports clothing and equipment.

ii Employ members and remunerate them for providing goods and services, on fair terms set by the Committee without the person concerned being present.

iii Pay for reasonable hospitality for visiting guests;

d. The Club shall indemnify the Committee and members acting properly in the course of the running of the Club against any liability incurred in the proper running of the Club, normally by taking out insurance as provided by affiliation to national bodies

e. The Committee will have due regard to the law on disability discrimination and child protection.

10. Winding Up

a. The members may vote to wind up the Club if not less than three quarters of those present and voting support that proposal at a properly convened general meeting.

b. The Committee will then be responsible for the orderly winding up of the Club’s affairs.

c. After settling all liabilities of the Club, the Committee shall dispose of the net assets remaining to one or more of the following:

i To another Club with similar sports purposes which is a registered charity and/or

ii To another Club with similar sports purposes which is a registered CASC.

11. Alterations to the Constitution

The Constitution may be altered but only by a resolution passed by two-thirds of those present and voting at an AGM or an EGM called for that purpose.

12. Revision History

a. This Constitution was formally adopted at the AGM held on 25 March 2015 and replaces the club’s original Constitution used since its formation in 1982.

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