[UPDATED February 17th, 2018 at 08:24 am]

Volunteer Allocations

All volunteer positions have now been allocated, if you want to know what you have been allocated to all details are here

There are still room for any last minute volunteers, see the presentation and form below.


Volunteer Information

First up and most importantly, thanks for your interest in helping out.

Volunteering is a fun way to contribute to running in the south east and the great charities that our half marathon provides for. We greatly appreciate the support of our hundreds of helpers – we couldn’t do it without you.

There are many positions available in the weeks leading upto the race, during the race itself, as well as tearing down and clearing up afterwards. So to help out:

  • A short presentation has been created that covers each of the key areas you can volunteer for
  • An online form allows you to fill in all of your details

Volunteer Presentation – Direct Link

Volunteer Details Form – Direct Link

Volunteer FAQ

  • Who is the volunteer coordinator?
    For the 2018 race this is Edward Steele, contact details are in the volunteer presentation above
    The volunteer coordinator correlates helpers and assigns you out to a particular role based on your preferences

  • Who is in charge of my role?
    For the 2018 race there are a number of leads.
    Finish & Vehicles – Dave Hadaway
    Start & Signs – Andrew Howey
    HQ (Before and on race day) – Duncan Evans / Neil Clark
    HQ Race Packs (on race day) & Pacers – Craig Chapman
    Marshals – Matthew Clements (Chief Marshal, there are 6 section marshals around the course you are assigned to)
    Water Stations – Keith Mitchell, Allan Cheek, Jonathan Rickards
    Car Parks – Sam Taylor
    Race Director – Mark Taylor

  • I’ve not received my position details yet, am I still needed?
    Yes! Please understand there are many different roles to assign out and our race is entirely staffed by volunteers.
    If you are in charge of signage then expect to know around 3 weeks before race start, as the signs usually go up on the Saturday or Sunday 2 weeks before race day.
    If you have concerns, please contact the volunteer coordinator, details are in the volunteer presentation.

  • I don’t think I can do my position/role anymore, do I need to let you know?
    YES – please let the volunteer coordinator know as soon as you can, if you are a marshal then you must contact your section leader or the chief marshal so another person can fill your spot

  • What am I expected to do in my role?
    If the volunteer presentation does not answer your queries, feel free to contact the volunteer coordinator

  • What time will I be required from?
    Marshals – Varies, you will receive an email from the chief marshal with full instructions
    Finish – Please turn up at the finish area in St Johns for 8am unless otherwise told (e.g. marshalling entrance)
    Vehicles –
    If you aren’t a driver, turn up at the finish area in St Johns for 8am
    Start – Turn up at the HQ for 7am or the start line if available
    HQ (Saturday) – Saturday setup is available from 2:30pm to 5pm on the 17th February ONLY
    HQ (Sunday) – From 7am at the HQ
    HQ Race Packs (Sunday) – From 8am at the HQ, earlier if possible
    Water Stations – Depending on your station, (1) 8:30am (2) 8:45am (3) 9:00am (4/5) 9:15am
    Car Parks – Depending on your car park, usually from 7am