Great South Run – Race Report

For some reason, Rosie nominated me to do the race report for yesterday’s Great South Run. In summary – it was hot!! We would both rather have been sitting in deckchairs by the sea rather than running in them. Even our loyal supporters George and Bob were complaining that they were too hot!!

Despite personally having a shocker of a race this time, it is still one to be recommended – great support (and not just from George and Bob), an interesting course, and we have now sussed out places to park for free and where to wait at the start with no loo queues. - Continue Reading -

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Bournemouth Race Report

It was a weekend of firsts in our family. For the first time we all attended the Bournemouth Marathon Festival. On Saturday, in what can only be described as torrential rain, Josh (8) lined up outside Harry Ramsden for his first ever running event, the 1.5k. He didn’t look particularly excited about running in a rainstorm, but he dismissed me as the race started saying he could do it by himself. 10min 20secs later he finished and was made up with his “proper medal” and race pack.

On Sunday morning, I lined up for my first marathon. The sun was shining and I felt reasonably well prepared for something I had never done before. The gun went off and eventually I crossed the start. We ran out to Hengisbury Head and so began one of the most enjoyable runs I have done. - Continue Reading -

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Cardiff Half Marathon

For those of you not on Strava or for those of you that are and haven’t seen the results, here is a little debrief on yesterday’s race.

2017 started incredibly well for me, then within a week, I was out with a stress fracture, came back too quickly and had another in the same foot, 2017 became a write off running wise. I then started running again in March this year. Whilst on a training camp in Portugal, I was recommended to run the Cardiff half marathon as its fast and flat. I signed up and in typical Woolley fashion set myself two tough goals for the year, run sub 80 for Cardiff Half and run sub 36 mins for a 10km. - Continue Reading -

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Spartathlon race report

[UPDATED October 7th, 2018 at 08:29 am]

Friday saw the start of the 36th Spartathlon - the 153 mile footrace from Athens to Sparta. Runners gathered before dawn on Friday morning at the Acropolis. There was a light drizzle but other wise it was warm enough, so people were wearing a mix of running vests and bin bags, wind proof jackets, or throw away shirts.

7am and we were off down the damp cobbled hillside and out into Athens. The police escort kept us safe from the carnage that is Athens rush hour traffic, and before too long we running along the coast. The first 26 miles passed easily enough in about 4 hours, by which time it had stopped raining. It was still cool and overcast so good fast running weather and i was already ahead of schedule, but careful not to go too hard too soon. Sparta is a long way off. - Continue Reading -

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