Our Track Sessions

Good afternoon sports fans.

I have been meaning to write the below for several months, but have struggled to compose anything that doesn’t sound….well, a bit ‘naff’. If I hold off due to the naff factor though I don’t think I will ever write it, so here goes….be gentle. Also….for those short of time I have written 2 versions:

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Awards Voting

The Club Trophies and Awards for the calendar year 2017, including the 2017/18 cross country season, will be presented at the Club Party this Saturday 24th March.

The recipients are decided by votes cast by you, the membership!

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Clubnight tonight – 28th Feb

Afternoon Harriers.

Due to the current weather conditions, we have decided that we will still meet at the Nevill as usual this evening, but with a couple of differences to a normal clubnight. Firstly, I’m afraid that there will be no bar facilities, as the likely numbers do not warrant Chris our barman heading over. Secondly, we will not be running on the pavements of Tunbridge Wells, as although many are clear, there are still likely to be icy patches.

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Nationals XC – Deadline approaching

Harriers, Quick reminder while in post-Christmas limbo, the deadline for the Nationals XC at the infamous Parliament Hill will close in just under 2 weeks. National XC Championships 24th February 2018 Closing date for entries – 11th January 2018 SIGN UP NOW

Current Entrants
Casper Morris
Colin Timmins
Simon Whitaker
Ben Muir
Geoff Turner
Edward Steele

—- Ed

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