Notes from the Committee

–        Change of Club Year.  In order to ease the administration of payment of England Athletics (EA) fees and to allow for the possibility of using the EA subscription collection system for our membership renewals the committee felt that it makes sense to align the renewal dates to 1st April.  In theory this is represents a change to the constitution and as such should be agreed at a general meeting of the club. However we felt that it was unlikely that we would be able to organise a quorate Extraordinary General Meeting (we only just manage to scrape a quorum for the AGM) and did not want to wait another year before making the change. So we have gone ahead and asked for 15 months subs this January.  We intend to have this decision ratified at the next AGM (April 10th) and, given the lack of any reaction to the announcement, feel confident that this will be acceptable.  In the event that this is not the case we could just continue with a January renewal date by collecting 9 months subs next year.

–        Increase in subs. The subscription will increase by £1 next year to keep up with rising costs, i.e. Full membership will be £32 plus £15 EA affiliation fee. As we are collecting 15 months’ subs this will be £40 plus EA fee. Subs are due on 1st January so please remember to renew promptly! - Continue Reading -

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