Rye 5km

On Friday night a group of 7 Harriers took part in the last race of the Rye summer series. As I feel we need to reach out to the millennial contingent of our club, I have adapted my report template.

#windy #5km #MenWouldHaveWonPrizeIfSimonWasntChickedByWife #OnlyMikeAndSimonDidntWinAnything

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Black Hugin Marathon

On Saturday 1st September I traveled down to Pegwell Bay to take part in another Saxons Vikings and Normans challenge event – Black Hugin – so called due to its 5 pm start, 8 laps with a good portion of the race in darkness.

Now for these of you who have run with me or know me well you will know that things can easily make me jump – so who knows what made me feel a night time race by myself would be a good idea! I was a tad nervous, so much so that I persuaded poor John that if I absolutely hated it he would have to come round with me once it was dark – the fact that it was a challenge event so I could finish whenever I wanted did not enter my head.

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Canterbury Half – belated report

On Bank Holiday Monday 27th August I found myself adjudicating and therefore running the Canterbury Half Marathon.

For some reason I could not remember which course this was but on arriving and looking at the paperwork and the course plan I realised it was the half which ran out on the lanes to Petham and Waltham goes over the Pilgrims Way (Chartham Downs Road) dropping down and up to Petham where the course does a loop out round to Waltham before returning to Petham. Then at 10 / 11 miles it goes up, up over the Pilgrims way again. Once over this hill it is then a more or less cruise downhill for the last two miles to an uphill finish. It is a lovely run but certainly not flat and one of those courses where you seem to be mostly running uphill.

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Reykjavik Half Marathon

Last Saturday I joined 12,000 runners in Rekjavik. I entered the half marathon (there were also Marathon, 10K and 3K races) and, as the only Harrier running , I suppose it’s down to me to write a brief race report.

This is a truly international event with many entrants from both sides of the Atlantic. The course is flat for all the distances so if you are looking for a PB…

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British record attempt, 4 x 800m relay, Lee Valley Stadium


As many of you will now know, last Sunday (19th August) I took part in a successful attempt on the British 4 x 800m relay record in my age category. Before giving you some background to this, I’d like to thank all of you who have offered your congratulations – it’s meant a lot to me. Many Harriers have put the club on the map over the years, and it’s been great to contribute to that.

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Saxons Marathon Challenge

On Sunday 19th August, Debs and I took part in a Saxons marathon challenge; it was part of the 10 marathons in 10 day series. It took place at the Cyclopark in Gravesend but used land within the cyclopark rather than being round the actual cycle track.

One of my goals for this year is to reach the magic marker of 50 marathons, I realised at the beginning part of this year it could actually be achievable but I did have to find some extra marathons, to ensure that my 50th marathon was just that. So yesterday was my ‘extra’ marathon….. But my late entry really nothing of the sort as I entered 6 days before the event – Debs top trumped me – she entered after she got back from hols on Saturday evening! Very pleasant surprise for me to get a text at 10pm on Saturday evening say “I’ve entered”, now I had company – which is always preferable to plodding round by yourself.

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