South of the Thames – Beckenham Place Park

With Christmas almost upon us, 12 harriers ventured up to the picturesque and hilly park of Beckenham, last visited for the summer relay series. From Tunbridge Wells to the park the only thing missing was Sigourney Weaver and a few gorillas with the fog cascading off of the towering peaks of the north downs. Thankfully our unseasonably mild temperatures held like a more autumnal race.

The HQ was at the local cricket/rugby/tennis/air hockey/lacrosse/underwater crochet club, a few got there early with the usual lack of any idea who might show. To our surprise, ‘George’ and Carol turned up despite being at a work Christmas party the night before and visibly (and fragrantly) high in spirits. There was some debate if Carol actually wanted to race, given she was entering on the day and I’d already pulled out due to the feeble excuse of a winter cold.

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