Tonbridge Open Track – 7 Jun

[UPDATED November 28th, 2017 at 09:10 pm]

For the 1st time, courtesy of Allan, I ran in spikes. After a false start I ran as fast as I could for 200m and stopped; race reports are short for the 200m. The spikes appear to have worked, because I was 1 second quicker than last year with a time of 30:26.

Great fun, but leave your ego at home, because you will be beaten by U13s. Though so far I’ve had great success against the U11s. - Continue Reading -

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Welsh 1000m Peaks

[UPDATED November 13th, 2017 at 11:04 pm]

There was a good mob of harriers at the Welsh 1000m Peaks this year. Ed, Chris, Simon and Jillian, our Welsh 1000m Peak veterans, were returning to the race for another go. Along with the new pretenders: Alex, Andy, Mike and Myself [Cathy].

We woke up to a lovely morning in Llanberis and tucked into brekky. I stuffed back as much as I could in the B and B, followed by almost an entire bag of peanuts on the bus. The fashion was on point – bum bags tend to make a fierce come back on the fells, crammed with all the required kit: map, whistle, compass, full waterproofs, bobble hat, gloves, water and food. I opted for a Mars and Snickers bar in case the tanks ran low. - Continue Reading -

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